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I have the some colored walls and carpet color as your floor in my rental! Any non beige color palette will work wonders.
A rug would be huge here - two if you wanted to do a sisal (faux or real) and then a smaller striped one layered over that add furniture, and some fabric upholstered to the walls (you can use push pins in the corners if you stretch it right really) if you want, but I find mirrors always class help a smalls space.

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6/26/14 05:14 PM

This is a bit backwards, but getting nice rubber gloves to wash dishes. I'm more likely to cook something (even if it requires lots of pans!) if I don't mind cleaning up after - and rubber gloves are a lifesaver on hands and nails.

And I'll second or third the good tools! One or two sharp knives and one medium sized cast iron are worth an army of cheaper versions.

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6/23/14 02:35 PM

I have beige laminate and I fully endorse Barkeepers Friend also! It has saved me many times and is very inexpensive. If you're looking for something more environmental friendly, Oxy-Clean would likely work - it is essentially super concentrated Hydrogen peroxide. If that doesn't, I would recommend against bleach as a renter - in case you get it on something else, it is very caustic, and as another comment pointed out, bleach will only make it more the counter top more porous in the future.

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6/17/14 07:18 PM

Having read his biography, Franklin is a great moral theorist and huge hypocrite.

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5/21/14 12:39 PM

LBro I was thinking exactly that. "Looks like young men playing leap frog!" haha

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5/20/14 01:05 PM

I always make the bed while brushing my teeth, that way I'm not as tempted to climb back in...

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5/12/14 06:16 PM