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I repainted the guest bathroom last month, and we never got the new towel rack put up. That needs to happen. Plus, we were not sure if we were going to reuse the old hardware, so I left in a few embedded screw whatchamacallits. I need to push or pull out those dolly thingies from the wall and patch and touch-up that area. My family had a history of never really completing projects, so it is really important to me to attempt to finish things. That means making sure the walls are finished and final patch-and-paint gets done. We put up nice shower curtain. Then, we can decide if we need any art or decorative touches. This I can accomplish with a little help from my husband in January!

You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List January Cure: Assignment # 5
1/11/14 01:25 PM

Husband taught me these tips:
1. Cut things same size, or thicker or thinner so items cook through at the same rate
2. You just need good quality, fresh ingredients and you can make delicious main dish with a half dozen ingredients. You don’t need exotic ingredients and 30 items in a recipe to make a wonderful meal.
3. Don’t walk away. No leaving the kitchen once you start. Things get burned or overcooked.
4. Use a timer, if you get distracted, then set a timer every 2 minutes to stir. Use your timer, to turn or baste things half way through, to look at how well done your item is, and watch it more often the last 10-15 minutes. Of course, breads and baked goods are not in that category, as you don’t want to be opening the oven door a lot.
5. We sautee vegetables somewhat before we grill them as kebabs. They’re oiled, and cook faster this way on the grill. We also grill meats on one spike, and veges separately, and then pull grilled items off the spikes and serve in bowls. No more raw meat and burned veges.

8 Small Cooking Habits That Make a Big Difference
3/9/13 08:45 PM

Water pik and electric toothbrush are getting a new home. They were both on the counter. I just ordered a narrow chrome "laundry rolling organizer" with adjustable shelves. It will fit between the wall and our vanity with the electrical plug above that area. As there are adjustable shelves, I plan to put my bathroom trash can on the floor with the first adjustable shelf above with clearance. Then, I'll put the toothbrush and water pik on the top shelf.
This will move them off the counter, next to my vanity, and still accessible & visible .... but OFF THE COUNTER! yippee - hope it works. The little shelving unit is being shipped to me.

Your Biggest & Smallest Bathroom Problems??
2013 Reader Forum

1/6/13 08:00 PM

So excited for this challenge. Need to work on our two small offices and our side-by-side narrow garage. We've downsized, and need to declutter and organize for this new-to-us 1600 sq ft home. We've lived in it for 3 years now, and much of it is functional and nice. Except, there are pocket areas that are junk rooms (said offices & work rooms), closets and shelves that make life frustrating for lack of function, organization and unattractiveness. Time to open them up and dump lots of stuff to make them functional on a daily basis.

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12/25/12 04:08 PM

We have hosted large family sit-down dinners and usually hired a couple service people to assist. This year, with the economy and a couple family members looking for work, we decided to provide all the food, but not the service. My husband and I aren't extroverts, so we enlisted my extroverted brother to play our expediter (we're 50-60+). I would just say I need someone to put ice water in the glasses on the table, and two family members for a to plate a course. One person would build the shrimp salads and another the Caesar salad, and a third to take them around.

He loved pointing at a family member and saying "YOU!" ... report to your Aunt! Brother would assign tasks according to ability and age so that each person would be able to participate and help. It was fun and no one was asked to do anything out of their skill range or burdened with too many kitchen or serving chores. We had people set out courses, retrieve and clear dishes, take "orders" when we offered a selection of tamales (vegetarian, chicken, beef, pork). People filled water glasses, setup condiment bowls and chip bowls for the table, took orders, cleared plates and served courses, drinks, and dessert. Nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles rotated through the kitchen and dining room so we, as hosts, got to chat for a minute or two with each person while our hands were busy.

While we rotate hosting duties throughout the year at each others homes, and we often share out the dishes, this is one of the first times we've really had the "kids" help. I think it may become a tradition. For the past few years, my husband has also asked (a week or two ahead) one of the nieces or nephews to stand and share a welcome greeting. He's preparing them for the future of giving toasts and it's lovely to hear their thoughts and insights. Happy Holidays!

5 Things to Do in the Last 30 Minutes Before Your Guests Arrive
12/16/12 04:06 PM

Let me add, my wire skewers are longer than my chopsticks, so they provide better reach when I use the towel-skewer to dry the decanter.

Unexpected Favorite: My Oh So Practical Metal Skewers
12/26/11 01:21 PM

With a thin kitchen towel wrapped around it, I use a skewer to help dry out the inside of narrow necked bottles and wine decanters. For me, drying prevents water spots, so I don't just let my decanter air dry. Twisting a towel around doesn't reach all the inside surface, so using the skewer presses the towel into the damp areas.

Unexpected Favorite: My Oh So Practical Metal Skewers
12/26/11 01:19 PM

SO SORRY - flag this comment - thought it meant thumbs UP or flag for review - MY BAD! Appreciated the comment!!!! so sorry!!!!!!!!

Week 1: Color Families
The Color Cure

8/14/11 11:47 AM

In the first week video, Maxwell mentioned finding an inspirational piece that had been professionally designed, and use that as your inspiration. Our LR & DR rugs are Red Sarouk. Deep red with accents of yellow, green & blue. We have warm, yellower wood floor surrounding & yellowish almond on the walls, so I've been adding brighter spots of yellowish silk pillows. Now I'm thinking of adding some pops of cooler blue & green. The color wheel discussion is sending me to examine our rug accent colors and bring them out more around the room.

Week 2: Warm and Cool Colors
The Color Cure

8/14/11 11:34 AM

I lucked out. We moved into this house about 18 months ago, and the prior owner was a designer. He did a terrific job of using yellows, almonds and golds for paints with lighter wood floors. Very airy and open, and as we are in Seattle, we need light to combat the overcast days. Our large rugs fit beautifully, and they are a Karastan deep red with lighter yellows, greens and blues. Very traditional. So, I'm trying to pickup a couple of those included colors in the accents around the room. We can't agree on artwork, so that is a problem! Bare walls and minor pouting. I like aboriginal art but it seems wrong for the traditional. That's where I go wrong. I will probably live with barren walls (no art) for years. Art prices kill me.

Week 1: Color Families
The Color Cure

8/3/11 01:20 AM

If you've been looking at a black box for the video, try changing your browser. Instead of firefox, open the link in IE.

Week 1: Color Families
The Color Cure

8/3/11 01:15 AM

We start with a printed recipe on 8x11.5 paper (photocopy or printer,) and make the recipe according to instructions. Then, we write notes on the paper about the ingredients we used. Did we add the juice from the can of diced tomatoes, or just a tablespoon? Was it too spicy? Did my husband think it was a 3-star recipe while I thought it was a 5-star? Did we slice the peppers into thin matchsticks or half-inch chunks? Did we cook it longer? Anything that we would want to share with someone else about brands or preparation. Or, anything that we would need to know to recreate or modify the recipe to our taste in two months from now. After 2-3 times of tweaking the recipe to our taste, we have made the recipe ours, and we might add it to master cook computer recipe utility, or just punch holes in the "new recipe" and add it to "Our Recipes" 3-ring binder with separators for Fish, Asian, Beef, Chicken, and Pasta and so on. We use it for shopping list, and 4

On Learning How to Think Like a Chef
5/31/11 01:26 PM

I would be tempted to go medium silver-grey for the walls, and pickup some sparkle with silver accents or mirrored pieces.Keep the curtains and lose the rug. Go Hollywood glam. Get chandelier. Keep Klimt. But, then I like the cave. I think the turquoise bed would work with the hollywood silver-grey-crystal-mirror and glam look.

How To Redecorate Small Master Bedroom?
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5/1/11 06:41 PM

The aluminum foil method is NOT recommended. See tips from:
I'd rather follow silversmith recommendations for polishing my silver. I love silver!

Polish Your Silver Using Banana Peels
4/24/11 07:01 PM

My husband has very sensitive skin (medicine side effect) so we invested in an Yves DeLorme duvet with shams and boudoir pillow. We use fitted bottom sheet along with duvet. French luxury duvets are several hundred dollars. However, we've had it for six or seven years, and it just gets softer with washings. It was their petunia design - creamy white background with bright crimson petunias and muted greenery. Very lovely. After tiring, though, and not wanting to spend hundreds just for a different look, we bought a matelesse king bed spread that goes to the floor. Takes me about 4 minutes to make bed. Simple and fast. Nice to have a change, but the softness of nice linens.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
3/13/11 04:15 PM

My mother gave me a large down pillow that had come from her mother's family farm. It had been dust covered for decades in a closet. No one had a use for this oversized family relic. So, one day I had it out, on the floor, and one of kitties climbed on and slept. It was the first item in our house that this kitty had ever seemed to love. So, I covered it in microfiber fabric, and it has now become his bed. I figured that if no person in our family had purposed this pillow in over 60 years, then I could give it to kitty. It looks great in our living room, and it's his lovey bed.

9 Fabulous Handmade or DIY Pet Beds
1/30/11 02:28 PM

To see kitteh picture click on the link for Reader Dale Mackey in the first sentence above. Scroll down her page to her December 7th post and see the new kitteh stretchin' it out.

Dale Mackey's Kitten-Proof Holiday Vignette
12/19/10 10:19 AM

Insulated curtains, or make your own window quilts. Google them. They can look like art, or just plain quilts. Roll up or draw back styles. Lots of great ideas already posted about weatherization. Good luck. We like toasty!

How Can I Save Energy In My Older Home This Winter?
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10/31/10 04:37 PM

This is very similar to our house. Our house is a darker grey side with light grey roof. The trim is white, and the garage door is painted white. Red front door. We like it; it seems like a crisp business suit. The former owner put up a white picket fence and bay window with white window trim. Landscaping softens. We have single front stair and need to put up an awning or build on a front porch overhang to keep rain off guests.

Suggestions for "Jazzing Up" Ranch House Facade?
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10/5/10 07:53 PM

My first time for the Cure. I want to send in my BEFORE picture directly to AT so I may be a graduate at the end of the 8 weeks. Feel dumb, but how do I do that? How do I submit the single Before photo? Thanks!

The Spring Cure: Creating Your Vision Week 1 - Intro | Apartment Therapy New York
3/20/10 01:24 AM