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London is a tough one to sum up, but this definitely needs to list the prices to manage expectations. We live in West Hampstead and struck the lottery with our cute and affordable little abode, but it took a lot of time and effort. If apartment hunting in London, be ready with your deposit in hand - all the best flats go in a flash!

A Renter's Life in London: The Inside Scoop Apartment Therapy's Renter's Guide
7/24/14 09:16 AM

I think a full fridge is a must for resale value, but that doesn't mean it needs to be a huge fridge. They sell really quirky narrow fridges like this one that might fit the bill. Plus they come in a lot of darling colors. Good luck!

What's Better in Small Kitchen: More Cabinets or Full-Size Fridge? Good Questions
7/24/14 08:59 AM

Genius! This is one of the most original recipes I have seen in a long time. I'm a big fan of the grab-and-go breakfast.

Recipe: Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles Recipes from The Kitchn
7/24/14 08:52 AM

Well there goes my night! Opening my fridge door as a write. And kudos jconat for the label maker technique - we are kindred spirits!!

The Best Way to Organize Your Refrigerator Organizing Guides from The Kitchn
7/22/14 05:34 PM

Those colorful cacti are to die for! And I am assuming low maintenance too? Double win.

15 Centerpieces For Your Summer Table
7/11/14 10:16 AM

Super useful tool! I spend hours when planning a trip trying to find the best deal so anything that makes things more straight forward is a big win in my book.

The Ultimate Money Saving Travel Guide Trivago
7/11/14 10:15 AM

i'm loving it! all for some donuts without the calories.

DIY Project Trend: Donuts with Pink Icing & Sprinkles
6/23/14 06:22 PM

What a lovely living room. That sofa was a great find! Thanks for sharing.

Baiyina's Eclectic Minimalism in Miracle Mile House Call
6/21/14 07:01 PM

I would love to bring lunch into work more, but it always feels disappointing to have leftovers or some soggy salad. Thanks so much for the tips. Hopefully this will help break me out of my expensive habit.

Tips for Sticking to a Budget: Bringing Your Lunch to Work Budget Living
6/2/14 06:03 PM

We have tin cans with flowers in them all the time - we just painted them a fun yellow color to make them look less tin can-ish. Love the idea of the colander.

Think Outside the Vase: 5 Flower Vessels that Will do in a Pinch
6/2/14 05:30 PM

The s-hooks have made a big difference in our kitchen as well. We have a tiny flat so every inch of storage counts! Thanks for the extra ideas. The second kitchen is to die for.

7 Organizing Accessories For the Wire Shelf In Your Kitchen
6/2/14 05:28 PM

Amazing what can be done with a small space! Looks super luxe. Well done.

Tammy's Luxurious Little Space Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 03:09 PM

big mistake reading this while craving a midnight snack! will have to try this soon

Recipe: Breakfast Tacos Recipes from The Kitchn
5/29/14 07:26 PM

We are poor newlyweds so we go for the Ikea options most of the time. I also change my mind so much I couldn't imagine spending $3000 on a light fixture. But I am always happy to an infinite amount of money on my imaginary house in my mind :)

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Lamp?
5/29/14 07:22 PM

So inspiring! I love seeing how everyone tackles their small spaces

10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week One
5/29/14 07:15 PM

We saved some cash by...
- Having our wedding off season at the end of February. We had it in Southern California so weather wasn't really an issue. It was also nice to be the only ones really getting married at that time - I had 6 friends get married this memorial day weekend!
- Decided carefully where to spend the big bucks. For us stationary, food and photographer were the key. Everything else we looked into ways we could maximize our dollars on DIY projects and using alternative options.
- Choosing a less traditional reception site. We had our reception in a renovated lighthouse that is now a restaurant. Great food, beautiful setting and an all inclusive kinda deal. No renting tables or linens. No hiring wait staff.

8 Ways to Spend Less for a Wedding
5/29/14 07:13 PM

oh, i am a sucker for a good garland. i put one up over the weekend in my flat just because. thanks for posting.

5 Festive \"Anytime\" Garlands You Can Make at Home
5/27/14 06:29 AM

i LOVE carnations. they are affordable and can be very full yet delicate. and like you said, they last forever. as a bonus, they were my grandmother's favorite flower so they always remind me of her. thanks for posting!

Budget Blooms: The Case for Carnations
5/27/14 06:26 AM

I agree with breaking things into bite-sized chunks of work. We just moved into our first apartment and getting it to feel like home seemed daunting. But after only 3 months we really have put our stamp on the place by doing things here and there after work or on weekends. Thanks for the post!

7 Secrets to Getting Anything Done Around the House
5/26/14 09:00 AM

What a darling house! Agree with everyone above - the paint color in the living room/kitchen is fantastic.

Luis and Alex's Mid-Century Modern House House Call
5/26/14 08:54 AM