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I really like the brightly colored kitchen cabinets in your photos. The orange kitchen might be my favorite. Cabinets are a big part of a kitchen, so making them colorful makes things more fun.

Norah Chandler |

Kitchen Cabinets in Every Color of the Rainbow
6/3/14 12:47 PM

Thanks for the ideas about closet organization. My closet always seems to be a messy disaster. I like the idea of installing some hooks for extra space.

Norah Chandler |

20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet
6/3/14 11:36 AM

I really like seeing the before and after pictures of projects like this. Some simple color changes go a long way toward making these kitchens look nicer. If I started a home renovation, the kitchen would be top priority.

Norah Chandler |

Style Makeovers: Dated Kitchens Refreshed Without Renovating Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
6/2/14 06:35 PM

Thanks for the help finding affordable picture frames. I am a photographer and I love to see my work in print, but it looks much better with a frame. Since I print a lot of photos, it is good to find affordable frames.

Norah Chandler |

5 Great Sources for Affordable Frames
6/2/14 12:00 PM

Thanks for including the images of frameless showers. I've been considering remodeling my bathroom. It is nice to see some finished products.

Norah Chandler |

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
5/30/14 04:41 PM

These are all good things to consider when purchasing a mattress. The material a mattress is made from affects the comfort and endurance of the mattress. It also affects the temperature of the mattress. So if you get hot when you sleep, think about the material your mattress is made from.

Norah Chandler |

Roundup: Best Mattress Buying Tips

5/30/14 01:25 PM

I live in an apartment right now, so I don't have a lot of space for big lighting fixtures. Thanks for providing small, affordable alternatives. The right lighting makes an apartment more cheerful.

Norah Chandler|

Lighting for Renters: 10 Sources for Plug-Ins
Shopper's Guide

5/30/14 12:31 PM

Adding a mirror to a room is a simple way to brighten a room and reflect natural light. It is also a great way to make small spaces appear larger. It is also a good idea to put a mirror near an entrance and exit so it is easy to check your appearance on the way out of the house.

Norah Chandler |

Tricks of the Trade: 5 Smart Ways To Use Mirrors In Small Spaces
5/29/14 06:21 PM

This is a very clever idea. I bet it would be fun to make designs like this in a child's room. Blinds can be kind of boring, but this makes them fun.

Norah Chandler |

Before & After: Meredith's Blinds Get a Beautiful, Budget Makeover
5/29/14 11:40 AM

The images in this post are gorgeous. It looks like the rooms are very well decorated. I like to visit home shows to get ideas for my own home decor even if I can't afford all of the same things.

Norah Chandler |

Kips Bay Show House 2014 Opens in NYC
5/28/14 02:43 PM

These doors and windows are very beautiful. I like how much character they have. Each door and window has a unique look.

Norah Chandler |

Doors and Windows of Ireland
5/28/14 02:16 PM

Thanks for this helpful list. It is nice to have more than one option for inexpensive furniture that still looks great. I like the simple modern furniture because it is easy to find things that match the style. That way, if I move, I don't have to replace everything.

Norah Chandler |

Beyond IKEA: 10 Other Cheap, Chic Furniture Stores
5/28/14 01:24 PM

I love before and after pictures. The paint makes such a big difference. Now the room looks bright and happy.

Norah Chandler |

Before & After: Emily Henderson Transforms a Senior's Studio Space
5/19/14 11:29 AM

The right frame really makes all the difference. A nice frame adds a professional looking touch to photographs and can complement other artwork like paintings. Some frames are so artistic, they could be considered artwork themselves.

Norah Chandler |

How To: Hang Your Artwork and Not Screw It Up
5/9/14 01:31 PM

Thanks for the pointers about separating the financing, home inspector and the realtor. I think that means that you have an expert for each category instead of a jack-of-all trades.

Norah Chandler |

10 Tips for Selecting a Realtor
5/8/14 08:03 PM