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I think the author is confusing individual messiness and productivity with those same qualities in a group setting. Sure, Einstein or Dahl may have had messy desks and offices and still been incredibly productive and creative. But how does that work when they have to share their living space with somebody else? The two are not the same issue. You can have a relaxed, very creative, slob who is blissfully content living with somebody else who is not a slob. When keys, or the rent check, or some important thing goes missing, the slob lets it roll off and doesn't fret about it. But meanwhile, there are still consequences for those things. Consequences that BOTH parties have to bear.

In short, you are perfectly free to be an uber creative slob in your own little corner of the universe. But we don't live exclusively in our own little corners of the universe. We have to share our world, our home, our apartment, with other people. When multiple slobs live together, what happens then? What type of chaos ensues when there isn't at least one "neatnik" taking care of the details and keeping things from descending into utter slumsville?

I bet Einstein was blissfully happy in his messiness, but his housekeeper was driven nuts trying to keep the home at least humanly inhabitable.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
5/8/14 07:36 PM