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gorgeous. that would make a beautiful wall treatment.

Apartment Therapy - Through My Window: Butterflies
9/7/07 01:11 PM

maybe an armoire or storage cabinet that would hold both clothing and your tv? i personally really hate a television in the bedroom, especially one that's not able to be hidden away.

also, i live in an apt and got around the no-paint thing -- i talked to my landlord and agreed to restore the paint to neutral white when i leave if he'll let me paint. you might be able to broker a similar deal.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Drapes Would Work in My Bedroom?#comments
9/7/07 07:32 AM

Target is fun, but it's all about throw-away stuff. Pay your $40, but it has a shorter shelf-life than Lindsay Lohan's latest rehab.

I attended the New York Gift Show in 2004 when the owner of House Eclectic debuted her color theory and it was all the rage. The HE booth was one of the most popular and well-attended and the media was very positive. Her pieces are hand-crafted and the colors are innovative and refreshing accents to any room. Quality has a price tag.

Apartment Therapy - Moroccan Key Table
9/7/07 07:04 AM