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I got a really cute lime green tilting umbrella (6') at Garden Ridge for $39.99! It is perfect. They have many sizes and colors at awesome prices:


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6/2/10 07:24 AM

Hemera. Right when I saw it, I knew it since I just specified it on a project of my own.


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3/25/10 12:41 PM

I also line the paint tray with a plastic bag. It makes clean-up a lot easier and I am able to re-use the tray a few more times. I know the trays are not very expensive, so it only saves a little bit of money; but it also saves me a trip to the store to buy more.

And, when I remove a roller, I use a plastic grocery bag so my hands don't get paint all over them.

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3/10/10 12:11 PM

Yes, as they said - http://www.rejuvenation.com/index.html

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3/9/10 07:59 PM

I agree with everyone and littlepaperheart is right - take it to a local frame shop. We had an old Verve poster that got serious water damage and my husband was heartbroken. I surprised him by taking it to a local shop and getting it repaired and framed. The frame shop owner did some magic. I am not 100% sure what he did but it looks fantastic. He bleached out the water stains, pressed the paper to remove the crinkles, and framed it beautifully. If you look REALLY closely, you can see the water stains still, but for guests in our home who are just passing by and taking a glance, they have no clue what state that poor poster was in!

How Do I Remove Water Stains from a Poster Print? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/5/10 06:25 AM

I just installed Inhabit's Shangri La Wall Flats (http://www.inhabitliving.com/detail.aspx?ID=850) for our kitchen backsplash, and painted them with a few coats of paint. My application was a little different since we have inside corners on all four sides. You would have to come up with a way to start and stop the Wall Flats. I know the directions say not to install as a kitchen backsplash; but once the wall flats were painted, it is just the same as having painted gyp walls behind there, which is what we had originally. So far, it has been very easy to wipe up food splashes. It was a very inexpensive project overall, and we have gotten lots of compliments, especially because it is so different. Good luck!

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3/4/10 08:27 PM


The smells are so lovely when I light one of these candles. I found these candles in a little shop in my mom's tiny town in Florida. I now buy them on-line at various websites and/or load up when visiting my mom.



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2/12/10 04:20 PM