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Because it seems like such a "trivial" thing to most of us to go through the hassle of patenting, there has to be a good reason they sought one in the first place. And, like stevenportland pointed out, this patent is a pretty specific setup that can easily be adjusted so as to not cross into the area of infringement. So I wonder if this is for quality control for actual Amazon products, and to keep sellers and copycats from swiping product images that don't accurately represent listings. A copyright like this helps widen the scope of claims for image infringement for future cases, and I'm sure most photographers have 1001 ways to set up a shoot, so having one gone isn't a big deal. Just because they're a giant corporation doesn't mean they have any less right to protect their IP than a smaller creative like me does.

Amazon Patents White Background Photography Design News
5/29/14 12:41 PM

Skylights would make a place heaven for me! And I'm drooling over that couch (not dare I even think of ruining a sofa like that!).

Jennifer's Sunny Skylights Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 11:17 AM

I'm surprised none of these suggestions include back-painted glass/plexiglass panels. I got inspired by this post ( and I have a bunch of big cuts of plexi lying around waiting to get used for something, and have seen ways that renters have just bolted them to the wall or slid them onto a track. Not that everyone has plexiglass lying around for this, but especially when it comes to keeping splatters off the wall I feel something a little more durable than just paint or decals is in order.

15 Ideas for Removable, DIY Kitchen Backsplashes Renters Solutions
5/20/14 11:23 AM

Also: once you have your desk/chair height set, look to your chair's arm rests. Use them! Your arm rests should be the exact same height as your desk surface for computer users. I know some designer office chairs look all sleek and minimalist with the armrests gone but if you're sitting for long periods, you need arm support. It will spare you a lot of shoulder pain and nerve damage.

The Easiest Way to Figure Out the Perfect Desk & Office Chair Height
5/15/14 05:38 PM

Re: the allergies - as a crazy allergy sufferer I can't stress not just having HEPA on your vacuum enough, but get a proper sized HEPA air filter for the room. Nothing like sleeping soundly and waking up without a stuffy/runny nose. After putting up with that for years before I finally buckled down and got an air filter and wondered why I didn't do so earlier! It also doubles as a white noise machine too if you're having the outside noise issue. I also use unscented laundry detergent to keep odors on my clothes and sheets to a minimum.

Can’t Sleep? 5 Reasons Why Your Bedroom is Keeping You Awake
5/12/14 11:42 AM

$200 for a painting by a friend who's work and style I adore (this painting here, though that photo of it is pretty grayed out and it looks much more vibrant in person - I'm an artist myself and tend to make my own things when possible (or do trades with others - even better), but when times are good I love supporting other artists. Plus, it's a little dull having only your own work hanging around, and putting up stuff by others is really refreshing and inspiring. Usually can afford no more than a print or book, so this painting was definitely a big buy for myself.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on Artwork?
5/8/14 12:38 PM

It's great to see a lot of commenters mention safety and sturdiness - it's an important part of DIY, especially with furniture, and should never be forgotten. This does, however, look like Suzanne used the horizontal version of the shelves instead of the besta featured in top "before" picture so the whole post here is a bit misleading. The horizontal units look waaaay more sturdier than the upright bookshelves, and they look extra reinforced, plus she is reusing something that's on-hand anyway which is great. I am MOST jealous of that tufting job, however; such a good job on I want to go get me some pegboard and try it myself!

Before & After: IKEA Hack Makes the BESTA Even Better
5/8/14 12:21 PM