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Another vote for chipotle, but I usually just stir some of the powder into my mayo.

For Sandwiches & More: 10 Ideas for Flavoring Store-Bought Mayonnaise
7/2/12 04:37 PM

Ditto kittythedog. Mashed avocado? lime juice? salt? Definitely guac — what makes it a mousse?

Snack Recipe: Raw Avocado Lime Mousse on Rice Cakes
1/7/12 03:53 AM

@Nedra, I'm like you - I moved to "Like" kimpeartgratton's Vampire comment, too!

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9/22/11 01:05 AM

Is there a reason this is made in a cast iron skillet? I'd be concerned about messing up the seasoning on it when cutting the crust, while that wouldn't be a problem with a glass pie plate or ceramic baking dish.

Late Summer Recipe: Plum Pandowdy
9/2/11 03:09 PM

I'm with jmorri26 and nwatrous - my brain is baffled when try to eat smoothies or salsa/sauces from a bowl with a spoon.

Chilled Soups: Love Them or No, Thanks?
8/26/11 02:34 PM

Nice, Darius :)

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Good Question

5/10/11 07:41 PM

We bought a house with almost identical cabinets last summer, and I got the same "can't change the cabinets" shpiel. We actually DID paint the walls blue - a bright turquoisey shade that was a complete contrast to the orangey oak. I LOVE it! The blue really pops, and tones down the too-warm/orangey feel the kitchen had before (painting the walls another warm color would have only accentuated the orange of the cabinets).

Most of my appliances and countertop items have a brushed nickel look, but since the rest of our home's decor has a more aged, oiled-bronze look, I'm planning on replacing the bright gold cabinet pulls with weathered pewter ones - they'll create a bridge between the modernity of the kitchen and the rest of the house.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

3/23/11 02:56 PM

From what I can see, there are no directions attached to this list of ingredients. I know it's an old post - did they (and any other comments) get lost over the years?

Recipe: Pasta with Butternut Squash, Bitter Greens and Fresh Mozzarella
12/7/10 09:04 PM