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A breath of fresh air :-) What a lovely flat ladies- the bedrooms are by far my favorite!

Jess & Mikaylah's Simple and Sweet East Austin Cottage House Tour
5/26/14 09:41 AM

Wow, you did a great job! I love budget before and after inspiration! :-) Thank you for sharing!

Before & After: A $90 Weekend Kitchen Refresh
5/24/14 05:13 PM

Enrique! I love the flat :-) Gorgeous and very masculine/modern taste! I also wish you had taken these exact same photos during the day, the photos from your blog show the natural light much better.

Favorited you anyways!

Enrique's Authentic Adobe Small Cool Contest
5/24/14 05:06 PM

I also have an Expedit! :-) The problem is they are so practical and such a good value for the price. I think Meredith did a good job of adding in her own personal touches! I especially love the yellow door with the mirror!

Meredith's Nob Hill Home Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 03:31 PM

Amazing use of a really teeny tiny space :-) good job! I also favorited you!

Rebecca's Deliberate Lifestyle Small Cool Contest
5/23/14 03:24 PM

Agreed with p-capucine. I love the wallpaper and the beautiful ceilings but the armoire is too much for me! A solid color or even just white would have been more appealing to my taste. It looks very busy! And I also think the chair is amazing!

Thanks for sharing! :-)

A Playfully Patterned Room in Wyoming Professional Project
5/22/14 06:38 AM

I also just looked at a teal Victorian styled nursery on AT!
It is for a girl & baby boy and she has great ideas to get you inspired! I also have teal in my nursery but a more pastel version instead of bright. I accented it with orange and red. Which sounds overwhelming but actually has so far ended up looking pretty fun. I have very long white walls so I think it is easy for me to get away with a lot of color! :-)

Congratulations and share an updated photo when you end up deciding! :-)

I'm Stuck: How To Decorate Gender-Neutral Nursery? Good Questions
5/22/14 06:34 AM

Commenter Masonry just stole the words right out of my mouth! :-) You really did a fabulous job. Stayed true to the Victoria style and made darker colors look whimsical and friendly. I love this nursery/combined toddlers room!

Thank you for sharing with us! :-)

Amelia & Angus' Lively, Lovely Room My Room
5/22/14 06:27 AM

What a fun post! I grew up with bunk beds and to this day adore them! I especially love the parents that transformed their Ikea Kura bed to Tree Houses!

Thanks for the article!

20 Ways to Customize the IKEA KURA Loft Bed & Make It Your Own
5/22/14 06:24 AM

I think your home is just lovely and you offer some great tips! Where did you purchase the curtains in the nursery from?

Thanks for your article! :-)

Real Life on a Budget: Lauren's Money Saving Tips & Ideas for Home Decor
5/22/14 06:20 AM

I really like that you added in to sometimes check out kids furniture sections as well! :-) Has anyone seen the Zara Home Kids Line? It is absolutely gorgeous and has many pieces that would also fit an adults taste!

Thank you for your article!

Shopping Secrets: 7 Ways to Get the
Look for Less

5/22/14 06:16 AM

I have to disagree, start always with location! Then jump to lighting :-) I had a dream home in the states, with gorgeous all day sun and even a private sun room of the bedroom. The house however, was in part of the city I couldn't stand! No matter how beautiful the home was, it didn't matter. I ended up living there less than two years.


Start With Good Lighting and More Advice On Filling a Home
5/17/14 08:46 AM

Also, because it is nice when you can give back when purchasing, there are a lot of fair trade non-profit organizations selling good quality handmade rugs! I follow TenThousand Villages on Pinterest for example. Their website is really informative, they explain how long it takes to make each rug, how they are made, the differences in Oriental styles, etc. Here is their link:

They are just one of many non-profits selling carpets though!

Happy Rug Hunting!

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Rugs
5/17/14 06:23 AM

Hi! :-) I am also living in Germany. I have used Benuta before, here is the link:

They deliver insanely fast and their carpet descriptions are very accurate. You can purchase low end- high end here and everything in between!

Style on a Budget: 10 Sources for Good, Cheap Rugs
5/17/14 06:13 AM

Some of these are absolutely gorgeous, I actually really love the metal 5 piece from Target- total 50s vibe! One vendor site that AT doesn't reference often is! Probably because the products are inconsistent, but sometimes you can find amazing unique deals! I just looked at bistro and outdoor dining sets and there is a huge variety, for example this cute 3 piece for under 200$:

Top Ten: Best Outdoor Patio Dining Sets Apartment Therapy Annual Guide 2014
5/16/14 10:27 AM

This is one of my favorite articles that I have read on AT :-) For those who are skeptical or the mismatched chairs, I think often it is the surroundings (for example: vintage mirrors, paintings that tie the colors in together, flooring, etc.) that can often help pull this look together!

10 Style Tips for Pulling Off a Mix & Match Dining Set
5/15/14 08:33 AM

Simply fabulous nursery. I love when AT continues to have rooms that surprise me! Otherwise interior design within nurseries can get boring fast. It is not matchy matchy but everything ties in together. And I am glad you kept the carpet; like Annie Thompson said, it is one of my favorite parts of the room! :-) Only question is, where are you storing things like toys??? I am having a boy in the next few days, and toy storage is stumping me :-)

Ruby's Gorgeously Glam Nursery Nursery Tour
5/15/14 05:51 AM

Love this house tour! Great balance of being practical, welcoming, and remaining true to ones personal style! My favorite room is the dining room.
Only area that I think could still use some TLC is the balcony. Maybe an outside carpet? Or funky tiles? :) Overall awesome job!

Masha & Colin's Worldly Abode House Tour
5/15/14 05:37 AM

Oooohhhh a lot of these desks are great! :) But the West Elm desk is also my favorite by far! At IKEA they are showcasing their new PS 2014 line, and I also fell in love with this piece:

it comes in orange or white, and when I opened/shut it, it seemed pretty stable.

Top Ten: Best Low-Profile Desks Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide 2014
5/14/14 03:48 AM

I think you have done a great job! Where did you find the carpet in your living room? It is divine :)

Faye's Tiny New York Bohemian Studio House Call
5/7/14 12:20 PM