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Congrats on having paid off your mortgage!

Such insightful comment for many to read about distance to doctors. We are only 40 but have a savings plan to be able to live in an area at retirement age that will allow for taking public transit to a good medical center... New York City. Not many people can retire to New York. We have had the good luck to have enough money that will probably allow us to do so. We may have to rent into our old age and live in a place much, much smaller, but we are excited about the idea of retiring somewhere that nobody will have to take the car away from us and we can get to great docs easily.

7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years
6/2/14 09:30 AM

Neatest looking workshop I have ever seen.

Warbach's East Austin \"Shouse\" House Tour
6/2/14 09:24 AM

Sitting on the ground seems fine if there are enough blankets and pillows for comfort and to absorb the moisture so I don't get a wet butt.

I would actually not like to go to an outdoor party, or any other house party where there is a written menu. Too stuffy and trying too hard.

I would like to know if there will or will not be kids there. Sometimes if I don't feel like going to a kid party I will RSVP that I can only stay a while. It is not everybody's cup of tea to hang out with little ones.

5 Tips for the Perfect Summer Party Apartment Therapy Video Roundup
6/2/14 09:22 AM

What is not to love about a place with rustic curtains next to a Black Flag poster?

Kate's Double Windows Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:17 AM

Oh your big, cutie pie just makes the place. I want to vote just for the dog, but I must restrain myself. Based on the photos, it is hard to tell too much about the layout of the space. Great vibe though.

Lacey's Lovely Light Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:15 AM

Cool screen door.

Stephanie's Summer Camp Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:13 AM

You did wonders with a challenging space. The bed is beautiful. I love the super white walls. They seem like a showcase for all the built ins and molding. Nice Merce artwork too.

Evelyn & Ben's Meaningful Objects Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:12 AM

Love that you are so close to work.

Ashley's Changing It Up Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:09 AM

Cozy bed. Tiny kitchen. Cool.

Kristien's Happy Hoboken Home Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:08 AM

Great colors. So warm and cozy. Nice balance between not too little stuff and not too much. Such grown up furniture. Nice to see in a small space.

Tiffany's Serene Studio Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:07 AM

Love the window sills. Nice that something converted has such great attention to architectural details.

Patricia's Converted Garage Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 09:04 AM

Go for a lovely grey, charcoal, something rich and not too light. Your rug will continue to be the pop of color. It is a great rug.

Love This Rug! Ideas for Curtains and Upholstery? Good Questions
6/2/14 08:59 AM

The biggest one that was left off the list: Being house poor. Far too many people purchase homes thinking they will be a much better investment than renting. But, they take for granted all of the unknown costs of home repairs and upkeep, not to mention forgetting to factor in insurance, property taxes, closing costs, the grand scope of utilities as a home owner. I know too many friends who have become slaves to the costs of their homes. Renting is not always a second choice. It should often be the first. Financial stress is a horrible regret.

7 Home Regrets You Don't Want to Have in 10 Years
6/1/14 09:27 AM

Love the bathroom wall color. Great balcony. Living room looks like a study group meeting space. Kind of odd.

Maryum's Balcony Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 09:22 AM

Admiring how in the kitchen the simple black wall and rug take a very has been outdated looking kitchen and makes it look so much more. Quite nice touches. Not much of this apartment do I think is my style, yet it is so well done I am forced to cast a vote.

Malcolm's DIY & Vintage Mix Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 12:50 AM

Yes, so nice of you to post additional pictures. It is an interesting thing what different people like to look at out their windows, and also what is considered urban. The view of the taller buildings looks urban to me and the view of the water looks like a small town or suburb.

Shelley's San Diego Sunsets Small Cool Contest
6/1/14 12:46 AM

I don't mind urban views, I just find the building out the window a particularly hideous and depressing example of architecture. Give me a beautiful old stone building to look at and I'd be pleased as punch.

Shelley's San Diego Sunsets Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 05:50 PM

Like the selection of pictures entered.

Tomas' Perfect Balance Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 05:47 PM

Nicely framed maps. How do you sit up in bed without tugging on the textile behind it?

Malcolm's DIY & Vintage Mix Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 05:46 PM

What great outdoor space. I want to take a nap out there.

Anne's Rooftop Terrace Small Cool Contest
5/31/14 01:44 PM