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I use So Delicious coconut yogurt to make many flavors of frozen yogurt. It makes it very creamy and delicious. I have been making my own "ice cream" dairy free for over a year now since I found out I was intolerant of all dairy. I found a 2 quart ice cream maker at Goodwill that is electric and uses the crushed ice from my ice maker and salt to freeze the cream instead of freezing the canister. Glad to find this recipe--I will definitely be trying it. Just missed strawberry season in NC--but the blueberries are ripe now--thinking it would be yummy with blueberries

Recipe: Vegan Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Recipes from The Kitchn
5/29/14 09:47 PM

Money has always been a hot topic for my husband and I--even after 36 years. But when we started on the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University--that helped us get a plan--and start making 0 based budgets monthly. He has learned that I like to shop at thrift stores--and make incredible buys for him, me and our grandchildren--that saves us so much money in the long run--and I do it as a creative way of shopping. So he intentionally sets aside money in the budget so that I can do this. He recently needed new swimming trunks--and just mentioned it to me--I found some that are new in his size within 2 weeks. Having a written budget has helped us so much. We are on plan to have our mortgage paid off within 3 years. This is so unbelievable. We would have never dreamed that it could happen when we were living on credit cards. Living on cash and debit card with a budget with all of the debts paid off is so much easier. No more scrambling to find a credit card check so we can make some payment that is overdue. This is true freedom. And we no longer fight about money. We have a set budget that we use every month and just modify it to our new month. We understand where the other person is coming from financially finally. Dave Ramsey has given us a gift like no other.

Tips for Talking About Money (Calmly!) With Your Significant Other
5/13/14 12:52 PM

We saw some really cute succulent gardens in Lowes a few weeks ago and bought enough to make a cute garden in a pot to go in my very sunny kitchen window on the breakfast table. It makes such a cute centerpiece. I love the ones in tea cups. I've been in love with succulents for 40 years. Lowes had them in old bird cages, baskets, fake bird baths... they were really cute and they had all of the varieties so you could make your own.

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas: 10 Inspiring Succulent & Cactus Gardens
5/7/14 07:36 PM