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Your home is lovely. The white walls and curtains are the perfect backdrop for the rest. I can see why the living room rug is a favorite. I could easily live here!

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6/20/14 12:40 PM

I have been making a liquid version of this also using Fels Naptha for a couple of years. I love it! Clothes no longer smell like perfume - they just smell clean. As much as I would like to use essential oils I don't because they jack the price up substantially. Even without, however, the smell is lovely and clean.

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5/27/14 02:40 PM

Last Christmas I gave my teenage daughter a painting for which I paid $1,000. It is a painting by an artist that she has admired, I had just inherited some money, and I wanted to give her something she would appreciate and keep always (or give to me if she ever decides she doesn't want it). It is a gift I know will be around long after all the CDs, clothes, and other meaningless gifts have been forgotten.

Before that painting the most I had ever spent was probably no more than $5 at the thrift store.

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5/8/14 11:21 AM

I have had the white Ikea 365 dishes for about a year and love them. They are clean and crisp, look pretty in my cupboard, and are inexpensive enough that I don't stress over the few pieces we have broken.

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5/8/14 10:07 AM

I plan to replace the appliances in my condo sooner than later and have stressed over this very issue. I have a small galley kitchen with white cabinets and white appliances and want the new appliances to be white as well, but stressed over whether or not it would hurt the resale. Ultimately, what I decided is that I will get the white because that is what I want instead of living with something I don't want because it may or may not help sell the place five years down the road.

I also agree with the idea that white is timeless. Five years from now the stainless may be looking trendy and dated. And, by the way, like one of the commenters above, my favorite appliance ever was a turquoise stove I had in one apartment!

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5/8/14 10:02 AM