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I lived in a building in Manhattan that had super thin walls. You could hear everything - people calling to each other from different rooms, parties at all hours, etc. The landlord would rent to medical students from the university hospital down the street, but they were the worst because it was just a dorm to them. Eventually, after banging on the door at 2am to get them to turn the music down, I just started calling 311 (the non-emergency number), which prompts a notification to the landlord and sometimes a police visit. Enough of those notifications and leases wouldn't be renewed.

The Neighbors are Noisy as S#*!: How to Cope When You Love Your Home But Hate Your Neighbors Renters Solutions
7/16/14 01:45 PM

I lived without a washer in my building (nearest was 2 blocks away) for 8 years. I would wash delicates like bras and camisoles by hand in the sink once a week and hang them to dry in my shower. This cuts down the amount needing washing, is generally better for delicates, and saves money in the process. I wouldn't recommend it for jeans or towels, but generally you can also wash blouses and stuff and hang them on a line.

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7/15/14 11:41 AM

You can empty the tray when you need to (I imagine it would get full after a bit anyway).

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/24/14 10:42 AM

I do use silica litter - I started using it years ago when my 16 year old was a young'un because of the convenience ("Change litter once a month!"). I change litter a few times more than that! I'm unsure of the environmental impact, although I'm usually eco-conscious this is one thing I haven't really looked into. I've been thinking about one of these boxes for a while since we both work full time and it can get a little stinky if we let the box go a hair longer than we should. Thanks for the article, will take it into consideration.

The Scoop on the ScoopFree Litter Box by PetSafe Tech Test Lab Review
6/24/14 10:40 AM

We're having a cocktail party-type party. Appetizers that can be easily heated in the oven and served with a minimum of fuss. My boyfriend invited everyone he knows, and I tried to keep the list managable. No gift list, no registry, just bring what you're drinking kind of thing.

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6/23/14 01:09 PM

My 10 year old niece has a king sized bed! Her room acts as the guest room when people are over, otherwise she's got the whole darn thing to herself! I'm 42 and never had a king sized bed in my life!

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5/1/14 10:49 AM