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I've never stumbled upon Surdyk's - thanks for the tip!

Why Is Airport Food So Terrible? Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
5/29/14 03:37 PM

Loft + Manhattan is already a winner :) really like the counter tops, though curious what was used on the counters that are beside the cooking range.. seems like stainless steel from the pictures - or are they the same as the island?

Love the idea and practicality of a large kitchen for some of us that love to entertain large crowds ~ flowing food, warmth and laughter is a lot of fun!

A Lovely Loft Kitchen on Manhattan's Lower East Side Kitchen Spotlight
5/29/14 03:30 PM

I agree with Dragynphyre regarding not rushing to flip it.

Another tip that works for me is to make sure the stainless steel pan is hot enough before the fish is added.

How Do I Get Fish To Not Stick To The Pan? Good Questions
5/29/14 03:23 PM

Fruit in season is fairly cheap to prep our own so we definitely buy frozen mangos or strawberries when our frozen chunks disappear :)

How I Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags Tips from The Kitchn
5/29/14 10:57 AM

Nice tips! Although sometimes its the only opportunity to prepare grand stuff. Its only when we get 20+ friends over that whip up a double layer chocolate cake because its too indulgent for too few people :) So perhaps there's a tradeoff somewhere.

But indeed - trying recipes way in advance when you can, does help in those final moments of jitter!

Loved the lighting bulb strings across the table.. & the 20-min cleanup tip.

10 Tips To Help You Throw a Great Party Without Losing Your Mind (Or Blowing Your Budget) Entertaining Tips from The Kitchn
5/28/14 11:24 AM

I like the mason jar idea a tad bit more in terms of re-usability - given you have 14 of them :) and enough space in the freezer (i personally don't, and there are two of us who love smoothies) + frozen fruit works like a charm. Yummy!

How I Freeze Smoothie Ingredients in Individual Serving Bags Tips from The Kitchn
5/27/14 05:52 PM

feel blue definitely helps the picture.. and the white bookcases with the blue wall add a great accent :) really amazing how changing some colors can refresh a space..

Before & After: Paint Spices Up a Stylish Dining Room
4/30/14 11:32 AM

neat idea and really adorable!

Before & After: Crib to Lofted Toddler Bed Adriel Booker
4/30/14 11:27 AM

Like the forest-y style but agree with louloubells, the wooden backsplash doesn't do it for me, a large mirror for the basin with a nice frame would provide gorgeous accent to the bathroom

Before & After: A Dated Bath Gets a Facelift
4/30/14 11:25 AM