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Booyah! I discovered this on my own 2 years ago. I wish I saw this video then but nothing beats realizing that my own judgement turned out to be right! :D

This post is not for savvy photographers. If I knew how to properly handle my camera and settings I probably wouldn't rely on this.

I'm an illustrator who's not too dumb around the computer and Adobe but I'm no expert. I know my colours and what to expect visually but I know little with photography so this was my way to get happy results in dark environments. It all started when I took a pic of a fine meal very late in the day. I had nothing to loose and learned from there with Photoshop by just brightening the pic. Later I discovered colour balance and it grew from there with the curves. It works great and a little goes a long way. Always good to keep the original to compare though. It's easy to get carried away! ;)

How To Color Correct a Photo Super Photo Magic School
7/28/14 03:30 PM

Okay never mind this article. We all learn to work it out... Lets talk about that cool space instead! :)

Equal Cleaning For All: Tips For Splitting Chores With Roommates Renters Solutions
7/28/14 02:37 PM

This is the difference between good design and simple decoration. Love it.

Can You Guess What Secret this DIY Mirror is Hiding? Home Story
7/8/14 01:48 PM

Bah!! I say do it when it feels right. Let it go when it doesn't. Have a life! My place can impress just like it can scare. Depends on what side of the bed I got out of (which I rarely make). One of the best pics of my bedroom is with the bed unmade and it is SO inviting. Vive la bohème!! :)

5 Chores You Should Never Skip (Even If You're Busy)
5/12/14 01:04 PM

I do the same but doing it by hand is somehow more satisfying! :) Depends on the dish. I agree that diced tomatoes have a firm texture that just doesn't feel right and I never buy purées tomatoes since a food mill or mixer can take care of that. If the recipe calls for diced tomatoes I get more control by hand by pinching them into small pieces. I also pinch away the hard bits (if I care that day).

That said, for a tomato sauce I learned by now to dump them in whole and to leave the alone for 45 minutes to an hour on simmer. They soften up and melt away. After that you can squish them with a spoon or a masher and I can almost guarantee that they won't squirt back at you. It's like jam and by letting them cook whole the seeds that can give a bitter taste stay in and the sauce gets sweeter.

The Best Way to Deal With Whole Canned Tomatoes Tips from The Kitchn
5/12/14 09:12 AM

On 2nd look though, I'm not a fan of the white legs. Maybe if it was a rougher metal for contrast or wheels like the comment above! :)

PS 2014 LED Stool Lamp & Storage Table by RBW
4/29/14 12:01 PM

Cute, cool and clever!

PS 2014 LED Stool Lamp & Storage Table by RBW
4/29/14 12:00 PM

The one thing nobody commented on is the spell check. The word "humourus" should be spelled humorous. Just a detail. ;)

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 11:45 AM

Holy smokes folks! Lighten up!!! To all who question the word "polite", I think you sadly missed the lame joke. You don't have to like it but since when do you need to play the censor police on Apartment Therapy? Over salt shakers?? Just read the intro again please.

About the sculptor, cartoonist, musician and comic, it clearly said: "...Crude and deliberately poorly executed, his art is always conceptual, humorous and often bizarre." Next time they should highlight it for you in red with a warning to look away. I doubt families are going to find this on their table. Especially for $130.00. (I'm Canadian) :) Art and decor isn't always "safe", politically correct or reasonably cheap. I can think of a few items that could be featured here that would quickly make you forget about the shakers! ;)

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/29/14 11:43 AM