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Hi! It's the homeowner here! I can definitely agree with you that there are simple ways to fix ceiling textures if the texture is your only problem. Unfortunately, our home set empty for many years before we purchased it. So, we were dealing with years of previous water damage and bad repair jobs on our ceiling. It was very very damaged to the point the sections would have had to been taken out and replaced for a proper repair. That was more dust than we wanted to deal with, while living in our tiny 998 sq ft home. This fix may not be for everyone but it seemed like the best fix for us! Plus we really love the look!

Before & After: A Sorry-Looking Ceiling Gets Some Stunning DIY Ingenunity
4/28/14 01:49 PM

Hey all, it's Shane and Emily here to answer some of your questions! We hope to put out a follow up blog this week with many more details. So be sure to check out our blog this week. www.lifestyleanddesignonline.com

Lisa from SC, SO FUNNY. We totally thought you were serious!!!

Our ceiling is not asbestos. Just plain old plaster. Those with the asbestos issues would need to take extra precautions when nailing into it.

Sharpknife, we do have plaster ceilings. As long as you use nails long enough to get into the wood lath boards it plenty strong enough to hold.

Rubyr, it's probably not cheaper than just drywall. We opted for this for two reasons, however. 1. We liked the look of it in our little bungalow. 2. It's much quicker and easier than dealing with finishing drywall or tearing down the existing ceiling.

CMC_NYC, the breadboard is mdf, but because all of the cut edges are covered with trim you can't see any of the frayed fiber edges. All the edges are hidden under trim!

Hope this helps a little! Like I said, we will try to post more details on our blog this week! Thanks so much for all the positive feedback!! I hope it ends up being a good solution for many of you!

Before & After: A Sorry-Looking Ceiling Gets Some Stunning DIY Ingenunity
4/28/14 01:36 PM