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My mother taught us that even when money was scarce, a very good meal was always ready and appreciated. Nothing went to waste. If you didn't like it, that was fine. She would say " Tomorrow you will be hungry and it will taste better." We were still aloud the dessert which she baked every day. She would also say "Milk, flour, sugar, eggs helps the farmers and cost so little that I can bake every day". Share what little you have to help others. My mother bought all her vegetables, eggs, milk, some meats from the local farmers to help them rather than go to a supermarket. Showing her love was cooking for her family. A lesson well learned. Definitely, no watching of TV when dinner was served. Eveline

What Our Moms Taught Us About Cooking
5/7/14 10:47 AM

No upper cabinets, GREAT. I am short and only the first part of the kitchen cabinet I can reach without a stool. Now there is so many options with pull out drawers and divider for dishes that offer more easy access. One or two panties with pull out racks is perfect with counter in between gives a lot more storage without giving up to much counter space. Love all the information on Houzz. Want to redo my kitchen but need to save up first.

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/2/14 12:32 PM

I love my goose down duvet and have several duvet covers. Just takes a few minutes to change the look in my room. The duvet is so warm which makes it much easier to fall into a deep sleep. Would not do without my duvet and all my covers.

On The Problem With Duvet Covers
4/29/14 06:03 PM

Absolute well done, couch perfect fit, nice cosy area, balcony to die for, love the dog, he is so adorable. So well decorate and well planned.

Robert's Mid-Century Modern Architectural Home House Tour
4/27/14 12:00 PM

Love Gillian & Christopher apartment. Used all the spaces, fantastic ideas. Will use grey in one of my rooms. Nice & bright. Little nook table, dresser in hall wall. Really helpful in certain area that you never know what to do with.Lots of storage. Bright. Enjoyed this one.

Gillian and Christopher's Colorful Glasgow Apartment House Tour
4/27/14 11:54 AM