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I usually bring headphones and keep only one in so I can listen to my music and hear the ocean waves too but if I'm with a group of people ill bring my Gogroove speaker. That thing is small but is loud enough for the 3-6 of my friends to enjoy music while also enjoying the sun :)

The Best Bluetooth Speakers for Beach Summer Jams
6/19/14 12:36 PM

This is such a great concept! No wires would be a dream but no doubt I would lose them in the black hole of my purse.

The Futuristic Earbuds from 'Her' are Real Design News
6/19/14 12:32 PM

absolutely stunning! The color choices are simple yet chic and that headboard is to die for! Love it <3

Sandy's Cozy Copenhagen Home Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 12:34 PM

I always keep lists of

- Song names
- Movies I have seen in Theaters
- Gift ideas for friends and family
- Things I would buy if I treat myself
- websites I want to visit
- recipes
- names of cities / countries / places I want to visit in my lifetime

I think my notes are getting full! I didn't realize how many I have!

Five Lists I Always Keep in My Phone
5/19/14 02:29 PM

My mom is a huge fan of succulents! I read a post before about a living succulent wreath and we made a mother daughter project out of it. For moms who love succulents as much as my mom does , it's a great gift! :) I think the framed garden will be our next project.

Mother's Day DIY Gift Ideas: 10 Inspiring Succulent & Cactus Gardens
5/7/14 12:24 PM