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I bought this at Macy's for about the same price and have white tile with grout in every room of my apt.

I'm very happy with it overall as it beats the pants off of mopping or swiffering.

I have two cats with lots of hair and clay litter. I need to use a hard floor vacuum before I use the hoover to get the loose hair and litter, or else the hair will eventually clog up the wet/dry intake (but my cats shed an ungodly amount of hair).

The scrubber does a really good job at removing the remaining stuck on dirt and food stains, even in grout, including places where cat litter has crusted in the bathroom grout (which was the main purpose I bought the hoover for).

The trick is moving over each tile rather slowly back and forth a few times - its not like running a vacuum over carpet - you have to give the water, solution and brushes a chance to dig in a few strokes.

The results aren't magical, but better than any other floor cleaning method I've tried to date. it does not have the same force and leverage as hands and knees scrubbing, but close. The fact that it sucks up the dirty water is HUGE compared to mopping or hands and knees scrubbing.

I am going to add a deck brush to my regimen to loosen up tougher grout dirt before my next run to see how much better it works.

FloorMate® Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner from Hoover
4/25/14 09:29 AM