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I can't believe how many negative comments there are here. This place looks lovely, comfortable, soothing and inviting. If I lived here, I might chuck a few of the bed pillows, but I'd be proud to call this place home.

Before & After: Small Space, Big Changes The Sweeten
11/16/12 09:44 AM

Does the green chest really fall under the Chinoiserie category? It looks a touch more campaign-style to me, but doesn't fully embody that style either. Just curious, because I have a hard time identifying decor styles and would like to be much better at it.

Design Dictionary: Chinoiserie
9/19/12 03:27 PM

Apartments like this make me WANT to downsize to someplace that tiny. Lovely little home.

Mary Helen and Graeme's Compact, Composed Mix on the Upper East SideHouse Tour
9/19/12 03:23 PM

I like the room, and I actually think it's rather calming – maybe because there's so much white.

I want to see pictures of the other suggested pattern combos. It's hard to envision a mix of ikat, polka dots and paisley as anything but scary.

Mixing It Up: How To Combine Patterns
Like A Pro

8/8/12 12:40 PM

AT has come to this?

Reuse the Roll: Toilet Paper Crafts What To Do This Weekend
8/3/12 04:38 PM

I have extremely mixed feelings about wallpaper's resurgence. Even though I like most of the patterns above, when they're hung in actual rooms they can look cluttered and screamy. In my opinion there's definitely an art to choosing wallpaper, and it's an art most people aren't a bit trained in. The winners above are #3 and #7.

Wallpaper: The Revenge
5/31/12 01:14 PM

What a lucky family! Everything about this room is kid-perfect. Best of all, it's not so over-the-top kiddie that it's going to be a huge undertaking to redo when they get older.

Meg's Room For Three
Room Tour

4/2/12 04:30 PM

Scratch the inquiry about seeing more. I just realized this links to a house tour.

Funky Industrial Style in the Dining Room Roomarks
3/27/12 09:41 AM

I dig it. It's not a style with universal appeal but I think this is pretty cool for the right people. Yeah the table looks grungy, but I bet you anything it's super clean.

Can we see more of this house?

Funky Industrial Style in the Dining Room Roomarks
3/27/12 09:38 AM

I would never attend something like this. Snacks made in a toilet's likeness and a diaper-chucking contest? It's embarrassing for everyone involved, perhaps most of all for the poor child of the ridiculous parents.

Are Potty Parties a New Potty Training Trend?
3/9/12 12:38 PM

I came to say exactly what Auma said. What office?

Brit's a Little Bit Geek, a Little Bit Chic Home Office
Behind the Blog

3/6/12 04:48 PM

LOL @Jkilgour. Awesome.

What Tricks Do You Use to Remember to Shut Lights Off?
3/5/12 04:32 PM

Like Snowlet, I've competed with myself to see how low I could get my electric bill. When I first started (during a time of year when I needed little or no AC or heat), my bill was $40. I became extra-vigilant about lights and appliances, and got it down to $18.

For me, it was a game, but I can see how many people wouldn't want to be bothered by "I can't turn on more than one lamp at night."

If you live with a willing roommate, you can both agree to pay the other person when you come home or wake up to realize a light or appliance was unnecessarily left on. $5 per offense should resolve forgetfulness.

Motion sensor switches, as recommended by BGR5928, are a good idea, but mostly just for people who aren't interested in overcoming their forgetfulness. If you're trying to be more mindful, a light switch that does the work for you isn't going to help.

What Tricks Do You Use to Remember to Shut Lights Off?
3/5/12 02:37 PM

The showerhead is the first thing I replace in every new home. I bleach the apartment's stained plastic crap, store it in a ziploc bag under the sink, and install a low-flow head that's made out of stainless steel or something. It does a lot for the appearance of the bathroom, actually.

Also, if you don't want to store horizontal blinds, you can keep them permanently rolled all the way up and just cover them with a cornice board or valance. Saves you a little time at move-out.

Reversible Upgrades: Things to Temporarily Change in a Rental
3/5/12 02:07 PM

I like this series, but wish the photographer would've included people from other generations with more stuff. Still, it's nice to see how all your possessions can be reduced to the corner of a room.

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 12:06 PM

Are these two different kicthens or did they wall over their back door? In the before, there's a door to the right of the sink. In the after, there are only cabinets (see close-up pendant picture, facing the direction where the back door should be).

Before & After: Light & Bright Updated Kitchen
2/16/12 05:01 PM

Your home is beautiful, but best of all, it looks livable and down to earth. One day when I have my own house, this is how I want it to look and feel. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Emily's Rochester Merrypad
House Tour

2/3/12 12:42 PM

I hope there's a comeback of the style in pictures 1, 2 and 4. What fun! And I can't resist the idea of transforming it into a ball pit for a birthday party. (Pictures 3 and 5 are gross.)

Conversation Pits: Time for a Comeback!
2/2/12 09:58 AM

To answer the questions posed in the article...
1.) No. And who would DIY this monstrosity anyway?
2.) Seldom. Only if it's something you're planning on keeping for years and you're familiar enough with the name to know that it's built to last forever.

For the record, everybody, this chandelier looks a little better on the designer's website. I can imagine it hanging in some snooty, trendy cafe that charges $9 for a latte so they can afford their designer-junk decor.

Designer or DIY?: Jeff Jones' Tobacco Stick Chandelier
2/1/12 10:34 AM

Words schmords. The photos are incredible, as is these people's way of life. I want the book.

The New Gypsies by Iain McKell
12/22/11 10:51 AM