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I am in love with the tiered storage idea!

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7/28/14 04:08 PM

Before: not worth a second look
After: Love it!

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6/10/14 03:04 PM

The striped fridge is giving me courage to do a project I have been contemplating. I have a minifreezer stuck under my kitchen breakfast bar. The door is stainless but the rest, which shows, is black. Basically it sticks out like a sore thumb.

I think I am going to have it wrapped in some pretty pattern or scene like they do with business vehicles to advertise the business. At first I thought of those vinyl decals but then thought why not go all the way and have it wrapped in something to compliment my house.

Now to decide.....don't anyone hold your breath waiting for an update about this. So many choices.....

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5/30/14 04:14 PM

Pretty cool! I also scored a 4.

Take the Quiz: How Well Do You See Color in the Kitchen?
5/21/14 03:02 PM

An important piece of advice......If you buy/have one of these and you sit in it where there are other people around, be careful about doing so while wearing a skirt that is knee length or shorter..... You may be showing more than you realize when you sit.

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5/19/14 01:44 PM

I agree that not everything from IKEA is great, however.....

I love my Ektorp sofa. I am on my third cover for it. I have two cats or would probably still be using the first cover I bought. It is so comfortable!

I also absolutely love the 6 drawer Alex cabinets. I make jewelry and store all of my supplies in my design room in them. The drawers are shallow enough that I can see everything and as most of my supplies are heavy the shallowness of the drawers make sure they don't get overloaded and break. They also open really smoothly even fully loaded. I priced out a similar organization system with one of those national companies and the price was 3-4 times what I paid at IKEA and that was after eliminating any extras, just the basics.

This time of year IKEA also has great choices for plant pots and even plants.

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5/15/14 01:00 PM

You actually CAN make pancakes the night before. I recently did this for a breakfast event at work. I made them the night before and loaded them into a foil lined crockpot. In the morning I put the crockpot (just the insert, not the outer electric part) into the oven to warm up. Once warmed I transferred it to the outer electric part, drove it to work and plugged it in. The pancakes stayed moist and delicious for a couple of hours from the time I took them out of the oven.

Our Guide to the Make-Ahead Brunch Gatherings from The Kitchn
5/5/14 05:58 PM

I have friends who are buying an apt in NYC and plan to redo the kitchen. I am going to forward this to them for reference. Does anyone remember who the contractor or designer were? I think she mentioned one of their names at one point.
Jennifer - It looks gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/5/14 04:07 PM

I agree with putting away cell phones but with one exception. I have a completely mindless slot machine game on my phone that puts me to sleep every time i play it as a tool to put me to sleep. I literally fall asleep while the "wheel" is spinning. when the brightness of the screen changes it wakes me up just enough to put my phone aside, facedown, so i don't see any of the notification lights.
I also sometimes just chant the word "sleep" over and over in my head as a way of overriding and shutting off my brain from thinking about things that are keeping me awake.

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4/23/14 04:06 PM