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Do you have a Structube in your area?

Where Can I Find a Similar Swivel Chair? Good Questions
7/9/14 09:41 AM

Here's another alternative to the Random light, from Canadian retailer EQ3: ($199!!)

High and Low: The New Classics, Super Budget Edition
6/4/14 12:06 PM

Wow. She's such a beautiful, radiant woman...I'm not sure why your photo editors felt the need to erase every one of her features. That's really sad guys.

Design Q&A with Diane Von Furstenberg
4/30/14 03:05 PM

Gus Modern! The Loft series is perfect:

The Charmichael is just 70 inches

The Bloor is 80

and if you have a teensy bit more room, their sectionals come in around 80-83 inches!

Narrow Apartment Sofa for Goldilocks? Good Questions
4/23/14 09:42 AM