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beautiful! what is the artwork over the bathtub?

Scott and Jacqui's Artistic Homestead House Tour
5/19/14 10:56 AM

Please don't paint the trim! I also live in a historic home with lots of natural woodwork, and I echo all of the reasons not to paint given in other comments. Painting the woodwork really is a fairly permanent decision that will forever affect the character of your house. Even if you (or a future owner) strip the paint, the woodwork will never look the same as it did before. In my house, the woodwork in the one "public" room downstairs that was painted and then stripped/refinished is much less beautiful than the woodwork in the rooms that nobody ever messed with. You're lucky that the woodwork in your house survived changing tastes, so please don't paint it now!

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 10:28 AM