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I love this space. While I know that I would have a hard time paring down enough to have such a minimalist and elegant place, it's something to aspire to.

The white walls and white floors are beautiful, but they also remind me of that scene in the first Matrix movie where Neo goes into the matrix and there is nothing but whiteness all around, and they have to request a chair or whatever from the matrix.

Anna's Perfect Fit Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 04:12 PM

I do tea instead of coffee, and I use the time the tea is brewing to sweep the living room where the cat box is, and scoop the box if needed. My tiny living room means that sweeping and scooping can be done with enough time to spare to prep the teapot just before the water's ready.

One Simple Trick to Making Your Bed Every Day Comment of the Day
5/13/14 02:20 AM

Here is a link to knitting patter for a blanket like that (scroll down to find it):

However, I suspect the one in the picture is crocheted, so here is a link to a crocheted version:

Chris & Julia's Top Floor Abode Small Cool Contest
4/29/14 06:44 PM

Just a thought: as pretty as the above picture is, I would be concerned that the yarn would get dusty. It's one of the reasons I've always loved glass fronted cabinets for yarn storage.

Do You Have a Dedicated Craft Space?
4/21/14 06:49 PM

I keep all of my yarn stored in an old military trunk my dad picked up at an army surplus store before HE went to college. I decoupaged the top with blue, purple, and yellow art paper, and spray painted the metal bits black. Right now it serves as my coffee table, so all my yarn is at hand in the living room. I also have a set of plastic drawers that the air purifier sits on that houses my completed and in progress projects. All my knitting needs to be put away in a secure location so the cats don't get it.

Do You Have a Dedicated Craft Space?
4/21/14 06:47 PM