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flies aren't deterred by plastic. or water. or pennies. i have no idea how wet pennies in a locked bag (it doesn't let smells out) could somehow drive off the flies.

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 09:40 AM

i love ikea, i could live in ikea and i don't understand the hate ikea gets. you have a lovely and clean apartment. that said, it lacks something. a big painting, an accent wall or a sculpture somewhere. a place to focus the attention and define it's character. i'm also not a fan of those striped courtains and the fact that every room is different colour. i would paint everything in one colour and maybe make an accent wall or two. you have really lovely glossy floors but i think a fluffy rug somewhere would make them even better. this place has a huge potencial and the longer you'll live in it, the better it will get i believe. i hope i can see it next year, with better defined personality.

Olga's Abundant Light Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 06:26 AM

i think a few larger paintings would make a huge difference. it's a lovely place, clean and tidy, but it lacks a bit personality.

Nicole's Cozy Not Cramped Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 05:58 AM

a bit too much stuff for me, but i agree the place has personality.

RJ's Plaid Pad Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 05:19 AM

oh how i would love to have ceilings as high as yours... beautiful apartment, you have my vote.

Tiffany & Allan's Ship Captain's Studio Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 05:12 AM

are you guys serious? where's the photo of kitchen? where's the bathroom? yeah, you have a photo of a neat stack of books and a nice chair near the window, but where do you cook?

Francie's Morning Magic Small Cool Contest
6/9/14 05:07 AM

what everybody else said ^

Christina's Exposed Brick Small Cool Contest
6/8/14 11:36 AM

what happens to pillows when you want to sit on the couch and what do you do with all the pillows when you go to sleep? pillows upon pillows. other than that the place is nice.

Josh's Collected Sensibility Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 01:12 PM

i like it and i like your approach. is that pink closet the only storag place for clothes?

Anna's Perfect Fit Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 01:09 PM

yeah i was wondering about that too.

i would love to see more pictures. at first i was like "meh" and then i thought to myself "wow this is pretty awesome actually".

Sabrina's Sleek Studio Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 06:33 AM

cani move in?

Tomas' Perfect Balance Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 05:38 AM

i love the idea and it looks lovely, but i would feel concerned about the fire hazard it poses. i mean your balcony floor is wood. it looks fantastic, never seen anything like it, but it's flammable.

DIY Patio Grill Table Made from Skateboard Decks Handmade America
5/22/14 03:37 AM

i was looking at the pictures and thinking to myself "my grandma would love this". while i would never decorate my house like that i must admit it is cozy, inviting, bold and it has character. it feels like a forest. you have my vote.

Katherine's Tropical Sanctuary Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 03:23 AM

i agree. i love the place and it has my vote, but i would never call it small. i guess those are american standards.

Sandy's Cozy Copenhagen Home Small Cool Contest
5/22/14 03:07 AM

i fell in love with my own idea. i would be so happy to have a basement/windowless living room to admire the aquarium wall. that would be so relaxing. but it all depends on what kind of energy you want in your house. i have huge trouble sleeping and such room would be ideal for me.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 08:05 PM

you know what? a window isn't only a source of light. there are more or less interesting things happening behind it. if you don't have a source of light and things happening behind the window, i suggest a huge aquarium. it won't be cheap but it will provide light, entertainment and sexyness. a room with living creatures and light may as well be painted black with a few bold art pieces. i would spend a whole day in such room, sipping wine, looking at what's going on in the fish version of a reality show.

Suggestions for Decorating Windowless Living Room? Good Questions
5/16/14 07:53 PM

like many here, me and my boyfriend have separate accounts and i don't really feel the need to merge our funds. we go grocery shopping together and split the bill, we mostly split the bill in the restaurants, though occasionally i pay for him and he pays for me. we both paid our half when it came to buying a few furniture items from ikea. but i pay separately for many things that are just my idea and he doesn't see the point in making any changes. recently i purchased a new and better coffee table and since my boyfriend's opionion on that was "i don't see what's wrong with the old one" i decided i will pay for it (he of course loves the new one now). i know that if we had merged our finances he would get angry that i buy a lot of wine and i would get frustrated about his expensive computer games, so i'm glad with how things are. fortunately we don't have any kids nor debt.

Tips for Talking About Money (Calmly!) With Your Significant Other
5/14/14 04:19 AM

and i think it's super cool thay people spend thousands on art. art has no fixed price, if you love it, and it makes you smile, it's worth it. i'm kinda ashamed that most pieces i liked were super cheap. except for one painting of a tiger from an artist abroad i found on the internet, but when i wrote an e-mail to the gallery asking about how much it costs they didn't even mail me back.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on Artwork?
5/13/14 04:50 AM

i'm surprised by the amount of people that hang their own art in their homes. i'm an artist myself but to me hanging my own art is like hanging photo portraits of me on the walls. it's just weird. the most i paid for a painting was 160 PLN which is about 53 bucks. i like tu support art students and i enjoy really ugly pieces, so things i but (or exchange my art for) are pretty cheap.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on Artwork?
5/13/14 04:37 AM

i think "making your bed" means different things in different countries. to me a bed that has nicely layered sheets on it is still unmade. to make it you fold everything and put it inside the bed. beds that also work like chests are pretty popular where i live. also it seems americans have a lot more sheets than i am used to so i guess it would be hard to fit all that in the bed. and i just read about what airing the bed is. it seems a good idea.

One Simple Trick to Making Your Bed Every Day Comment of the Day
5/12/14 07:10 PM