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The apartment I had rented for 3 years while I attended a local college... though considered luxury, is anything but. First of all, on the Sunday I was supposed to move in, we rented a truck, and drove down.) when we got there, the "concierge" desk didn't have my key. No one knew anything, nor would they give us the number to the manager!! We had to look her number in the phone book!! When I finally got everything moved in (with the help of my parents), I realize that the living room ceiling light is burnt out. (I had a studio) and my apartment didn't get cleaned before I moved in... Myself and several other tenants had a huge problem with mice. I would always find droppings all over my apartment, and chewed up food in the kitchen (They were getting in to all the cabinets and drawers)I can't tell you how many mice I'd seen scurrying around my apartment!! One time I saw 3 at once!! I called several times to management (which is right on site) but they never fixed the problem. They just gave you sticky traps and left you to get rid of the dead mice!!The trash shoots once got backed up all the way to the 22nd floor. (because only one guy knows how to work it, and was on vacation) My bathroom flooded once causing a huge mess in my apartment, and most of the tenants experienced a leak at one point or another while living there. There were 2 major floods in the building when I lived there as well. (one on my floor #2) In the rental offices located adjacent to the lobby, the ceiling collapsed due to immense water damage from floor 1 The fire alarm went off constantly at 4 am. it started happening 3 times a week. (Unfortunately, my apartment was right next to the alarm...) There was no security in the building either, and fights broke out constantly from drunk college students. (Yes, I lived there as a student, but was a quiet resident.) It was also close to a bad area, and there was allot of violence on the grounds. (Which the Plaza staff did nothing about, but claimed they did.) One former resident got violently beaten right out front! He tried to yell for help, but no body payed any attention. Also, when they brought a company in to install Comcast in all the apartments, the project manager went in to people's apartments and stole cameras phones, and other electronics. (His wife actually came in and returned everything lol) and- While, yes, there is a tanning bed, fitness center, sauna, tennis court and pool... The pool is not kept up very well, and is usually quite gross. The tennis court was cracking with weeds growing through the cracks. There is hardly any guest parking either! And what there is, costs the guest $20! (even if they're only there 20 minutes!)The building manager was not an easy manager to live under. Several things went undone so she could stay under budget. She loves to rip you off as well. She tries to charge tenants for bogus things, just so the can keep your security deposit... She tried to charge me $2500 when I left claiming I broke the lease early (I was on a month to month) and that I didn't clean the apartment (which I spent allot of time scrubbing) The only nice things about the building are, apartment layouts and the shuttle. (which takes you shopping Tues and Wed nights.) The Landscaping is actually quite nice, and is kept up nicely, but that's the only thing that is! Don't let the title "Luxury Apartments" fool you! They are anything but!

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
4/21/14 12:51 PM