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I usually keep it for a few months/a year then donate it or give it to someone else. A couple of times (if it's close family) I just give it back to them when an occasion arrives, kind of as a joke because most of my relatives know I'm usually the picky one.
I've received quite a bit of furniture but since I have a small, particular apartment == perfect excuse to back out of taking it.
I pretty much always keep art if I have room for it.

How Do You Deal with Unwanted Decor Gifts?
4/21/14 01:43 PM

haha I recognize it as well...I live a couple floors down.

Look! High-Rise Balcony Garden
Vancouver, B.C.

4/21/14 08:18 AM

I would love to have a place like that in's so beautiful. I don't think I could live with a small fridge though, maybe without an oven or microwave.

125 Square Feet! Kristen's Minimalist Studio in Seattle
House Call

4/21/14 04:45 AM

I have found my dream tiling.

Can You Guess What This Tile Is Made From? The Answer Will Surprise You
4/21/14 04:37 AM

I second the all-white, it would look gorgeous with a monotone ceiling-walls-trim in bright white, with the wood flooring standing out. Modern but classic.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/21/14 04:36 AM