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Thanks for all your comments, it was really helpful! Unfortunately decluttering of coffee table is not humanly possible as my 2 kids are very crafty. This week they are into HAMA beads as you can tell from the pic :) Bookshelf is IKEA BORGSJO and doesn't go apart.I was really surprised to see your book comments (display only the best ones or hide the whole lot). All these books are our pride and joy and travel with us back and forth across the ocean (as an extra 200 kilo in parcels) Is reading considered a not-so- fancy thing these days? Anyway...Thanks!

Help Spicing Up Dull Rental Living Room? Good Questions
3/22/14 04:43 PM

Ok, we live in a rental house, which means the landlord does most of the gardening. I hanged rakes, shovels and brooms on hooks on the outer wall of the shed. (the one that nearly touches the fence, so 1) the tools are not visible 2) kids cannot reach it) I have to confess that the lawn mower moved in with us and now takes some space under the staircase. But this is the small price to pay since I don't really moan every day. But my girls (and their friends) play there a lot!

Before & After: A Garden Shed Gets Glam
11/28/13 11:02 AM