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I love, love, love the bold and yet warm look of the green lacquered cabinets with the counterbalance of brass. Each frames the other. And that floor,, wow.

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7/23/14 03:12 PM

I agree with you about the mail. After sorting & before recycling the junk mail, I rip off & shred my name, mailing address, credit card solicitations with a customer ID #s from banks everywhere. It's relentless.

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6/26/14 12:13 PM

An alternative to the Anglepoise Original desk lamp is an almost identical lamp I purchased at Home Depot for $20. It work well and looks just as elegant.
I question the "within reach" of the DWR name.

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6/5/14 10:38 AM

I completely agree with Bender. RH is not apartment friendly. It's one size fits all is made for expensive urban lofts or suburban MacMansions. Even their hardware, which is only shown in their catalog and not in the store, was oversized with escutcheons taking up precious space in a small city bathroom. From the photography, there is no sense of scale for these objects. I had to return all of it. When inches count, this is not the place to shop.

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5/19/14 05:41 PM

When researching for my kitchen renovation, I did go to IKEA with a floor plan of my very small L-Shaped galley kitchen. I was not going to open or move walls. The Ikea salesperson saw the plan and immediately dismissed that IKEA cabinets would not work in my kitchen. As the Ikea corner unit goes in place there was a gap between it and the stove (20"). No Ikea unit exists to fill it. And the same situation on the longer part of the L. Mine is not a suburban home. I would need additional custom carpentry. I live in NYC and apartments are small. Ikea completely froze me out. Now I will go to custom and get the proper fit and choice of finish. This was not my first choice. Pricier yes, but necessary.

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10/2/13 06:04 PM

I agree with Jenrost. Definitely find a sponsor to "supplement" your renovation budget. I live in New York City and in the planning stage of a home renovation for a studio apartment. Just for a galley kitchen under 48 sq. ft and a bathroom the size of a small closet, I am getting figures in the 45K and up. Let's see the Property Brothers take on that kind of challenge! Along with fulfilling all the paperwork necessary when doing a coop .

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6/20/13 01:54 PM

I completely agree with Nyumba. My parents were in the furniture retail business when it was manufactured here in the US. Their market was for the middle class who at that time made a true living wage. The quality, endurance and variety of it was built-in. Mid-Century modern was honestly Designed Within Reach.

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5/15/13 09:27 AM

Beautiful! Great design for colanders done in all metals. Prefer the cleanliness of the foot over the metal rim seen on others.

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12/6/12 05:34 PM

Love, love, love these. Worthy works of art!

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11/20/12 06:37 PM

I so totally agree.

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11/6/12 09:56 PM

The same feeling I got when entering the Rothko Chapel in Houston Texas. I am hoping the Gray I will be using on my cabinets in a small galley kitchen will work just as well.

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10/16/12 08:04 PM

Sadly, Ikea does not cater to the very small kitchen such is found in city apartments. I was promptly dismissed at the computer layout program in the store and by the sales associate when my L-shape kitchen plan couldn't accommodate the corner cabinet. I guess one size fits all is only for lofts and those suburban mac-mansions.

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7/30/12 02:57 PM

I live in a small NYC apartment and lucky enough to face west. I take a moment to watch the sunset if lucky enough to get home on time. The colors of the sky and shapes of the clouds I find so calming, like a changing display. Even in this heat it makes me happy.

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7/19/12 02:35 PM

As someone who takes the NYC subways almost everyday, I really need an escape from those tiles whether clean, dirty, crackled and staggered when I get home. No wonder the city has commissioned various ceramic and tile artists to enhance these tunnels. When I do my kitchen renovation, neither subway or sanatorium look do I want on my backsplash.

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5/26/12 07:28 PM