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I love them! I totally used to think of them as the "gas station flower" and hate that they were my birth month flower (does anyone else even care/think of birth month flowers?!) but now I see they are just as gorgeous as a peony and it's all just perception and reputation. They felt too cheap and over-exposed to be beautiful, but they are. Beautiful normcore flowers :)

Budget Blooms: The Case for Carnations
5/26/14 08:11 PM

My suggestion would be to try your hand at making (and perfecting) your favorite eating out meal. It becomes more about having an adventure and trying something new with your friends/family and less about saving money. My husband and I make some pretty good vegan pizza and my sushi rolls are getting better. Now we rarely order because we enjoy trying our hand at stuff like this, plus we know that ours are a lot healthier than takeout!

Eat at Home: Tips, Projects and No-Fail Strategies to Save Money and Avoid Eating Out
5/22/14 12:29 PM

Not into this for all of the reasons mentioned; spices lose potency, I would probably set myself on fire reaching for a forgotten one and I also find it cluttered.

Spice Storage Before & After: A Spice Rack Backsplash Reader Kitchen Project
5/17/14 04:50 PM

The before is so similar to my own entry. The tile looks great!

Before & After: A Vintage Victorian Entry Update
4/17/14 10:26 AM