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I worked at a bike rental and bike tour company in San Francisco, and performing maintenance on Publics day in and day out, I can say they are the WORST. Their heavy steel frame is not helped at all by the easily chipped paint. We would go from having a beautiful and shiny new Public (I admit that their color choices and design are incredible), and within three months it looked like it had been to Burning Man and back three times, and that's even with painting chips. Eventually though, rust sets in. For the average bike rider, enough will not be done to keep the bike in rideable shape. As Public is a San Francisco company and they look quite trendy, I see them all over the Bay Area. I would say 9/10 of the ones I see are in disrepair and making awful noises. Unless you can get a used Public for under $300, it's just not worth it.

I have heard mixed things about Linus, but if you're looking for a lightweight city cruiser bike, I would definitely check out Globes from Specialized. Aluminum frame with both step-through and straight bar models. I have a modified Daily from Globe (After it had been in the rental fleet for 2 years, so I got a sweet deal), and since I take my bike on BART, I am grateful for the <20lb weight, and that's even with a rack.

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5/30/14 03:21 PM

Yes! The showerhead fixture is so worth it.

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5/22/14 02:54 PM

I'm all about the expandable Idealisk Colandar

It is expandable, so it fits perfectly over the sink! I use it for washing/trimming large amounts of vegetables. When you have limited counterspace, it's really nice to have something over the sink (and still safe from germs).

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4/24/14 11:24 AM

I seriously laughed at the stand mixer on the top of that giant shelf. Bet they NEVER use it.

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4/16/14 02:39 PM