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Absolutely discuss this with the condo association/landlord/etc and call the exterminator. It's a systemic problem in the building and mice can be dangerous (fire, disease, yuck).

Are you sure it's not squirrels that have figured out a way to climb in through some hole in the roof or siding?

Help! Mice in the Ceiling of Our Condo Good Questions
4/29/14 09:23 AM

Thank you everyone. I now have a lot of ideas for some immediate kitchen improvements, and some which we will have to save for a bit later on. Lots to think about here and many excellent suggestions.

I'll send in an "after" pic once I have made some progress!

What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/24/14 08:10 PM

Thank you so much for all of the suggestions everyone! This is great. I too am not 100% in love with the dark cabinets, but I am just happy that they are not ancient an caked in 40 years of grease like most of the kitchens we saw in our price bracket.

I should have added that the bar stools are not ours, as far as I know the seller will be taking those with them, so we will have to figure out what to get to replace them.


What Color Would You Paint This Kitchen? Good Questions
4/14/14 10:27 AM

Would love to know the name of that gray paint.

A Couple's Graphic & Cool Small Space Condo Professional Project
4/12/14 05:26 PM