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I have never been a fan of trendy because I couldn't afford it when I was younger. I prefer buying things I like and things that will last.
However, I agree with a lot of the comments. I am tired of granite counter tops, open kitchens, "Carry on" posters, stainless steel appliances, antlers, and stuffed animal heads. However, a lot of these things I have never liked, whether trendy or not.
I don't follow colour trends either. The house, direction the room is facing, light, use of the room, factor into use of colour, not the fact that a designer from California likes something today.
I am just going to buy what I like or make it if I can. Trends be hanged.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/25/14 03:25 PM

Picky, picky, picky, is what you need to be.

Kids toys, are you kidding me? If I drive by a garage sale and see kids toys, clothes, I just keep going. I've learned in the past they don't have anything else for me

If you do end up at a garage sale, second hand store - Scrounge around, collect a small pile, check everything carefully, think of the work to clean, restore and store it, think of all the stuff you've gotten rid of, the stuff you still have, the money spent, then only take one or two items, maybe.

Of course, you could stay home and work on all those collectible so you've got, cleaning, restoring, displaying them. Why get more until you've dealt with what you've got?

Or, better yet, go for a walk in a park, or even a hike. See some new view that can't be bought, only admired.

Found It? Buy It: ALWAYS Snap Up These 8 No-Regret Items At Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Thrift Stores
7/20/14 02:22 PM

Yes, I agree that there are less antiques at flea markets these days. Back in the early 90's when I started to get really interested in antiques, there was tons of stuff around. Now, the pickings are slimmer. Antique stores are closing too in my area (BC, Canada). Also, I usually just want small stuff. There is only so much room for furniture. I like antique fair markets however I consider the prices higher than a regular flea market. Depending where it is held, the prices can vary too. Rich end of town - up. Middle part of town, maybe a bit more reasonable.
I won't go into a blocked up mess of tables of stuff unless I can see an easy exit out of it. Fire? Earthquake? Let me out of here!
I like hearing the stories about the item.

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/15/14 05:50 PM

I have heard removing popcorn with a wet trowel works. Just paint afterwards.
Paint a plain ceiling with a roller on an extension pole. 11 x 10.5 took maybe half an hour, at the outside.
I can't stand wood on ceilings. We have removed a couple of these messes in our house. I can hardly wait until the cedar walls come off a couple of bedrooms and they can be drywalled!
The sunburst ceiling could work for us too in our hallway. You know, it could also work to divide up an entrance area (say a front door that enters into a living room.)
Thanks for the suggestions.

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/13/14 12:34 PM

Bedrooms in our locality must have a window. However, open the closet doors and look out the room's window. For a temporary, overnight solution for a guest, they aren't bad.
I like these ideas. The dedicated library must have been an awfully big closet originally! I like the bar idea too.

Better Than Storage: 7 Creative Uses For Your Closet
7/13/14 12:16 PM

Wow, just fantastic. I love it that you've just thrown decorating caution to the wind and do what you want! We need more creatives like you in the world! I have forwarded this and I hope your designs rub off on some people, to help them step out of their comfort zones. I know it's rubbing off on me!

Adam's DIY Ode To Ornamentalism in Philadelphia House Tour
7/4/14 03:24 PM

In May 2000 I moved into a condo in a less than great neighbourhood. I thought I have a choice - I can have an alarm system or I can have cable. Cable lost. Since then, I've met and married a wonderful man and live in a great neighbourhood in a 1938 home. However, still no cable. There is plenty to do without cable.

BTW, Khat, I try to be conscious of where my stuff is made. I think it would be a great idea if stores were required to have little pictures next to the item, or little videos, showing us the people who made it, and/or how they live. Perhaps it would make us thankful for what we can purchase. It may also be a louder wakeup call for some corporations to treat their employees and the environment better.

Personal Challenges: 18 Fasts to Improve Your Health, Wealth & Outlook
7/3/14 12:21 AM

Absolutely beautiful - thanks for sharing!

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
6/29/14 11:12 PM

Khat's suggestion of losing the drama queens is top notch. I don't even want to watch these people on TV. Who needs to have their attention pulled off into someone else's dilemma, real or imagined? Just cut the cord or the cable. There is enough to deal with in day to day life.

Want More Energy? 7 Ways Your Home Can Help
6/28/14 01:48 PM

Glamping is right! The camping trips I've heard about and one I recently backed out of, require that one pack in all the necessary stuff, and pack it all out, including the garbage. There was also a stay in a hut with four double beds with pads (bring your own sleeping bag), so eight people in a hut.
I sure wouldn't mind a big tent with a proper queen sized bed, lamps, etc. however this looks like something for the backyard and for a location that doesn't get a lot of rain. That said, I am going to think about this, let it rattle along in the back of the brain for awhile. Thanks for the glamping ideas!

10 Inspirational Images for Camping in Style
6/26/14 02:33 PM

When you are going through the mail and adding to the trash, you may want to shred anything with your name on it, including envelopes, along with old credit card receipts and other personal paperwork. The reason I do this is that our city, New Westminster, BC, has a good recycling program, however occasionally to check it out, they go through the recycling bins and see what we are throwing away. (Say wha??) For instance, they recently made a comment in the newspaper that NW citizens read more papers than other municipalities or some such line - don't quote me. My point is, is that I don't want my name on anything that becomes city property as soon as I dump it in my recycling bin.

6 Small, Random Efforts That Pay Off Big at Home
6/25/14 05:52 PM

Very useful. Thanks Adrienne, I always enjoy your wonderfully written articles.

DIY Home Decor: 8 DIY Projects for Clever & Custom Corners
6/23/14 01:10 PM

Lynne3450 is right. The peacock bedspread is from Dwell (not Anthropologie.) Dwell also has other peacock material that looks good, too.

Hilary's Hilltop Home House Tour
6/21/14 11:16 PM

Fantastic post! These are rules for living.
I am in the process of working on a fir door. I had striped it, and was staining it and it looked awful. I had used wood conditioner too of a different brand than the stain. It helps to keep the stain from being blotchy. Well, the door looked like hell and sure was blotchy.
I fretted about it for a few days and consulted web sites and a refinishing book. I looked at different conditioners and tried a sample of shellac and alcohol but found out I couldn't use it with the poly varnish. I ended up sanding the stain off (it was only on one side of the door), sanded everything smooth and nice by hand, then put on wood conditioner that is the same brand as the stain I am using. Then I stained. Beautiful! Real beautiful! I just need to get the poly on next.
So, as usual, keep on trying.

How to Bounce Back Quickly From Design and DIY Project Failures
6/17/14 03:53 PM

This is a beautiful apartment. I myself have a porcelain elephant like the one shown near the gorgeous dining room table. It is outside, has been for years, and is still doing well.

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/13/14 12:33 AM

I'd like to know where you got the material for the bedspread and pillows. Lovely!

Hilary's Hilltop Home House Tour
5/27/14 03:36 PM

I love the repetitiveness of the design, especially the first picture I saw in the contest pic of the chair and radiator. This is just a fabulous place! A beautiful mix of old and new. Love the Gothic arch into the kitchen.
The kitchen, though, seems quite small, which is a shame. I'd be scared of getting an elbow into a boiling pot on the stove, if I was doing the dishes.

Nicholas' 1920s Charm Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 03:17 PM

Great post, thanks. There is nothing like cleaning up a space, large or small, and getting organized. It always makes for more breathing room!

How To Chase Those Living Small Blues Away
5/27/14 02:58 PM

I love the colours! And I like the white walls behind, as it makes it all looks so clean.

Corita Rose's Vibrant & Colorful Studio Workspace Tour
5/22/14 02:04 AM

I took decorating courses and I remember this as the line up too.

I moved into my husband’s 1938 home with lathe and plaster walls, picture rails, oak and fir floors with fir window trim and baseboards. I painted the boring beige walls in warm red/orange colors, and haven’t looked back. My antique furniture looks great in here. So does the art.

When I did the kitchen, I wanted a knock out back splash, not blah, boring, receding into the back ground. I picked deep red orange tiles. Everyone who's walked in has gone "Whoa, love the back splash!" I love my tiles too!

I love design, color, harmony and flow. I like it to work together. However, if I want to break a little rule now and then, I am going to. This is where I live, a cloudy rain forest surrounded by mountains and sea. It’s my space. I’ll listen to a sun streaked California designer yakking about the new “gray” but it won’t be going into my home any time soon.

The Natural Order of Things: How To Design Your Home, One Step at a Time
5/20/14 04:26 PM