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Look very much like Brand Van Egmond.

Can Anyone Identify these Chandeliers?
Good Questions

3/3/11 11:36 AM

I don't think you can just decide that mayo is a mother sauce and tomato is not. They are the cornerstone of classic cuisine and called "mother sauces' for a reason. Not up for debate.

Mother Sauces: Are They Important for Home Cooks?
9/28/10 02:23 PM

I have to say; having stayed at many W Hotels, the trend has jumped the shark. The bathrooms are so trendy that they cease to be comfortable or particularly useful. At the last one I stayed, the wc, the shower and the sink were all open to the room. Awkward when staying with friends.

Bathroom Nook: Are We Needing Less Privacy?
9/1/10 11:07 PM

Nikkilea, I am afraid it won't work.

Peanut Butter, Chocolate, No Oven: 2 No-Bake Sweets
Martha Stewart

8/5/10 12:07 AM

While you are at it, what about the floor lamps in the Living Room (lobby) that are black with drum shades and drop crystals? I have searched high and low!

Get the Look: W Hotel, Washington, DC | Apartment Therapy DC
12/9/09 11:44 PM

Thank you Jess! It is from their wall art non-woven fusion line. Gorgeous.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Icons of Design in San FranciscoInspiration at Millennium Tower
11/3/09 10:37 AM

Does anyone know who makes the wallpaper in Living Room Unit 52A by Scheiber Design Group? Thanks.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Icons of Design in San FranciscoInspiration at Millennium Tower
11/2/09 10:50 AM

Building tolerance, one homophobe at a time.

The New Odd Couple . . .

Me: a fabulous chef; gay, messy.
He: a homophobic college kid; straight, tidy.

Me: need a new apartment.
He: needs a new apartment.
Co-workers: "why don't you guys get a place together so we can all share in the forthcoming hilarity!"

We: hmmmm, we could save a lot of money . . .

Us: two weeks from now, sharing a space and learning new outlooks and tolerance.

TV: common ground for bringing two vastly different people and their respective friends and families together.

PS: I get to decorate the apartment.

Apartment Therapy - Home Tech Giveaway: Insignia 37"LCD HDTV
9/6/07 09:25 PM