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Honestly, I can't imagine going through 86,000 emails to find the 1,000 or so that are still important and relevant.

My (realistic) solution is to hire Twassistant (remote assistant service using professionals in other countries) to go through all those, unsubscribe me from spam, flag any that need responses, set up filters for the most important regular emails I get, etc. Maybe $9/hr and they spend 2 hrs per month doing it? Huge payoff when I stop missing important emails.

The Freshet: Perfect Personal Email
6/9/14 02:34 PM

I grew tomatoes and peppers in mine last year - filled them with potting soil and stuck them on the balcony. The plastic weave holds moisture but allows excess water to run out. The ikea bag plants were some of my healthiest ones.

In Praise of IKEA's FRAKTA Bag
4/8/14 10:27 AM