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Great share! Being more energy efficient is a great way to help the environment as well as saving some money. There are many ways you can start the transition, and non of them require major life changes. Has anyone considered using LED lighting in their home? Making those small adjustments could help make a long term difference.

Secrets of an Energy Star Home: How To Make Your Home More Efficient
4/23/14 09:44 AM

These are great tips! Without all the clutter a bathroom can be both a relaxing space in your home, and a productive space to start your morning. We believe that the right lighting can certainly make an impact. For more inspirations on how to design your bathroom check out what lighting designer Will Lewis has to say in his recent interview with us!

Small Bathroom Ideas: 5 Effective Decluttering Tips for a Tidier Space
4/15/14 08:40 AM

Designing a home theatre can be both fun and challenging. here are many facets that contribute to the design process, and it can be easy to forget some details. One major detail is lighting; the proper lighting can make or break a home theatre. We suggest, make things flexible, start with a theme, get the right materials, use ceiling lighting, and never direct the light towards the screen.

The Home Theater Mistake We Keep Seeing Over and Over Again
4/9/14 09:31 AM

This is great DIY project! It does add a nice pop of color, perfect for the spring season.

A Stylish & Colorful LEGO Storage Solution
4/8/14 09:02 AM