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Recently pulled a couple of small coolers out of storage and now I am thinking that I may indulge in a little DIY art project before I send them away. I already have a small cooler that I spray painted in hammered copper years ago.

A Basic Cooler Gets a Modern DIY Upgrade Almost Makes Perfect
7/25/14 03:31 AM

Once upon a time Deco was trendy.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/25/14 03:01 AM

Chances are that anyone who hangs their shoes for display also cleans their shoes. Used to know a woman who varnished the soles of her shoes every night. They never wore out.
I really like the idea of the cart for more practical shoes. This I can use.

Shoes as Art: 10 Clever Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
7/24/14 03:49 PM

There are actually quite a few things of interest going on around the Salton Sea now. Salvation Mountain and the International Banana Museum for example. There is also a sort of semi-postapocalyptic lifestyle going on there that might be of interest to AT readers.

The Boom and Bust of Bombay Beach
7/24/14 03:35 PM

Whenever possible I like to schedule a day off at each end of a trip. One to be sure that I am completely organized and prepared and the other to gentle myself back into my usual routine. It takes so much of the hurry, worry and flurry out of traveling and allows me to review the trip and absorb whatever I have encountered before returning to the same old thing.

Easing Back In: Reconnecting to Your Home After You've Been Away
7/22/14 09:50 PM

Not having to trek through some ostentatious lobby and miles of hallway to reach my nice new Upper West Side apartment would seem like a plus to me. Especially if I had been grocery shopping.
This is a fantastic location and it is unlikely that the back apartments will be windowless warrens. No doubt that there will be plenty of people signing up for that lottery even without access to all the amenities. Once you are on the street there is really no difference at all.

NYC Approves \"Poor Door\" Developer Request Design News
7/22/14 09:39 PM

Had to check this story out to see what kind of "nightmare" something with such great lines could be. Do overs on bad finishes can be dicey. However the blue, Mid or not, looks great and is certainly a Millennial solution. Live now.

Before & After: Nightstand Nightmare No More
7/21/14 04:01 PM

Gotta love someone who would put a tophat next to Mickey Mouse ears and looks like she wouldn't be afraid to wear either.
Always great to see a place that really looks like someone lives there and does things. This place is so lively that it seems to have a life of its own. Unexpected touches everywhere and still cohesive.
So glad that AT reposted this tour and would love to see what Heather's redesign looks like.

Heather's Sky High Hell's Kitchen Home House Tour
7/19/14 02:38 PM

Here is one for the strange but true category. Watermelons have polarity. Use a broomstraw. Place it across the melon (easiest on the striped ones) perpendicular to the line between the stem and flower ends. If the straw does not move the melon is unripe. If it moves back and forth then aligns with the ends it is ripe. If it immediately swings into alignment it is overripe. Believe it or not it works and is a lot of fun to do.

5 Tips for Picking a Perfect Melon Tips from The Kitchn
7/17/14 02:27 AM

Whoever put the dividing wall between the kitchen and the living room instead of between the kitchen and the bedroom needs to be taken out and shot, or at least given a stern talking to. Even nonsupporting walls are not easily moved and I can understand just living with it under the circumstances.
Otherwise the decor is charming. Another example of taste trumping money.

Bridget & Robert's \"Collected Treasures\" Budget Friendly Loft House Tour
7/16/14 05:08 PM

Love that cart, even though the voice of my Swedish grandmother is shouting, "Get the paintbrushes" from the great beyond.

Scandinavian Style Decor That Looks Expensive, But Really Isn't
7/16/14 03:36 PM

The main reason that we don't feel at home in the place where we live is that we are either pining for our past or longing for an unattained ideal. So we are letting memories or dreams keep us from enjoying the here and now. I am as guilty of this as anyone. Time spent on AT is helping me realize how much is good in the little place that I have and I am chipping away at the excess and clutter to make it really my home. Chances are that as soon as I get it in shape things will change and I will move. Que sera sera.

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/16/14 01:04 AM

"I'd like to kiss you but I have to mow the table."
Sorry, just channeling Bette Davis for a moment. Actually, the little red owl, the alligator bathmat and the odd strips of grass help keep this from being just a little too sophisticated. It looks very much like a place that is brought to life by the people living in it.

Lee & Thor's Dynamic Domicile House Tour
7/16/14 12:38 AM

Read a story recently about the Queen of England waking up to find a stranger in her bedroom. So really no one is ever safe anywhere. Get over it and live your life. Having someone else in the house will not prevent being lonely and bored. I grew up in a small house full of large people and their friends and have carried my solitude with me ever since. Just because somebody else is there doesn't mean that they are going to be good for health care or heavy lifting either. Dying alone and unnoticed is an unpleasant thought, whether you have pets to turn on you or not. But then we hear the stories of people driving off the road and being trapped in their cars for days so that can happen too. So if you live with someone who is attentive give them a big hug. If you live alone, go ahead and eat what you want while watching something you like wearing something not suitable for public viewing.

5 Problems You Only Face While Living Alone (and How to Deal with Them)
7/15/14 09:20 PM

Given that the name of their showroom is Hammer and Spear the whole home from safari motif seems appropriate. Love the boat chain table and am intrigued by the collection of fencing masks. The lack of taxidermy or any other dead animal parts is refreshing. At least I hope that the flying squirrel on the table with the dread knives is not real. The fluffy dog adds a wonderful note of pure cute. The canvas cots bring back memories of some very uncomfortable camping experiences. Great collection of hats too.

Scott & Kristan's Inspiring Arts District Loft House Tour
7/15/14 01:00 AM

Really shows that taste and no money will get you so much further than money and no taste. Love the Frida paperdoll and clothes at the foot of the bed.

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/14/14 10:05 AM

All this flak about the pictures in the dining room is getting irritating. No paintings were harmed, no artists were swindled, and no one was deprived of the originals in the production of this decorative effect. It would be so much worse if Ms Svenstrup had cut up an original oil to fit into a set of frames. Now that the parameters have been set she can slowly find originals to replace them. These portraits look very much like the sort vintage outsider art that can be found in thrift stores or on Ebay or Etsy. Would people get all excited if she had taken pictures out of magazines to frame?
As a footnote: I would be happy to eat Kraft mac & cheese or take-out in that dining room. No need to whip up a gourmet dinner for three friends.

Lauren's Dark & Dramatic Design House Call
7/14/14 09:46 AM

Really want to see a tour of this too! A lead photo sitting at the end of the blue sofa with the red yarn as an extension of your actual hair would be great. The entire design is so much more sophisticated without becoming at all pretentious. A terrific balance of elegance and whimsy.

Lauren's Dark & Dramatic Design House Call
7/13/14 10:44 PM

The sink was camera shy. It is on the counter opposite the one with the fridge.

Before & After: Rebecca's Awesome Affordable Airstream Makeover
7/13/14 10:23 PM

Will have to check Blacksmith out next time I am in town. Living in rural East Texas and have not found any congenial Oldenbergian "third place" anywhere nearby. All my current favorites are hundreds of miles away.

Get Out & Explore! How to Find the Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
7/13/14 01:43 AM