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Very well done! And, it appears, on a budget.... I like that a lot. The blanket on the bed is great, it's colors tie everything together. I also really like the rug. The houndstooth is such an unexpected pattern, but is perfect for keeping a masculine feel. Really, really cute.

JT's Terrific Transportation Room My Room
7/14/14 09:13 PM

I couldn't agree more about not allowing a chair and plant to take up that one whole nook adjacent to the living room. There is no dining space, so that area would be much better served by snugging up a small table and chairs, or better yet, a bar with stools nestled underneath. There should probably be more storage utilized on the walls as well. I am impressed with the functionality of the kitchen, though.

A 200 Square Foot Micro Studio With Style Professional Project
7/13/14 09:02 PM

You can't go wrong with white!!! Don't worry, you made a good choice. I also feel that stainless steel is on it's way out...

Should I Have Gone With the Stainless Range? Good Questions
5/8/14 09:08 AM

These two are bringing 'Country' back! This home is warm and charming, and as I think another commenter already mentioned, very consistent in it's style. My favorite element is the cute couple!! :) Kudos gentlemen!

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/28/14 02:11 PM

I would like to add that if you're a French Canadian dropping by, you might be quite happy to find a can of long forgotten escargot lying around in our pantry! HA!

Insta-Party: Pantry Items to Keep on Hand for Easy Entertaining
4/4/14 08:19 PM

I agree, this list reads more like it's intended to stock a small restaurant bar. That being said, we do usually have ingredients on hand to make a decent martini, along with some wine and beer. As for food, maybe some cheese/crackers/tortilla chips...if you're lucky, olives and pickles. If someone drops by unannounced and expects more than that, I'm afraid they'll be sorely disappointed, lol. And I too, am loving that pantry!!!

Insta-Party: Pantry Items to Keep on Hand for Easy Entertaining
4/4/14 08:17 PM

I love it! I am chuckling though, because it looks like a Grandson who inherited Grandma's old house upon her passing...I didn't click over to read the whole transformation though, so maybe it was!

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 10:43 AM

This is just plain silly, as there is no functionality whatsoever...but it certainly will give new meaning to the word 'throw' when the guest decides to use it, gives a quick tug to get it off the back of the chair, and and is thrown onto the floor, along with the chair cushion! Not in this house.

Try This: A Throw Layered Under the Chair Cushion
4/3/14 10:32 AM

A couple of days ago I bought #9, the Rabbit Forestry hook from Anthropologie, and it is gorgeous!!! I've been eyeing that collection for a while, and wanting to incorporate some brass into our home. We've been watching a lot of Peter Rabbit in my household this spring, while waiting for the real thing, so I was also inspired to get a 'Mr. Todd' the fox, to go with him. I plan on mounting these on a piece of distressed wood to use as a tiny coat rack for the wee ones :)

Hop to It: Bunny-Themed Art & Decor
4/3/14 09:39 AM