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I had an impossibly cheap and rather nice apartment in Westwood (UCLA's neighborhood) for decades. The landlady allowed me to renovate, too. I was known far and wide as "the guy with the great apartment that's so cheap he spent $10,000 putting in a new kitchen and it's still cheap."

Would You (Could You?!?) Talk About Your Rent with Your Neighbors? Renter's Solutions
7/17/14 12:38 PM

As a crazy college student in the crazy 80s, I decided that my tiny, windowless bathroom would look great painted gloss black. I got about 3/4 through the project (it should have been a one-day job, but I was a bad painter then) and began to feel ill. Turns out I had scarlet fever (!) and was very sick for weeks. During my illness, a friend invited me to take over his room in a bigger, nicer apartment. So I moved out with an unfinished mess of a bathroom. No security deposit refund for me!

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/16/14 12:56 PM

I have had a 24" Bertazzoni for quite some time, and I love it. The high-power and simmer burners really do what they are meant to do. What drew me to the Bertazzoni in the first place, though? The knobs. I hate the huge hemispherical "boob knobs" found on almost all the high-end ranges. They look especially ridiculous on a 24" range. The Bertazzoni knobs are elegant. It's also true that the oven door stays cool, but that comes at a cost--it's so generously insulated that a standard American half baking sheet doesn't quite fit into the 24" model's oven. So I bought a bunch of slightly smaller baking sheets in Paris.

Bertazzoni Pro Series 36\" 6-Burner, Gas Oven
7/15/14 12:58 PM

I painted the ceiling in a 6x8 foot bathroom in metallic copper acrylic (actually a mix of 2/3 copper and 1/3 gold, to lighten up the value), in a rough crosshatch pattern with a rather stiff 1-inch artist's chisel brush. It took all day (with long breaks for shoulder recovery), but it was a hit--everyone looks GREAT in that room, with the light bouncing in every direction off the warm color of the ceiling. It makes my grey hair look blond.

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7/12/14 03:16 PM

I've always enjoyed Cointreau, myself, thought the Curaçao does sound interesting.

​3 Quality Orange Liqueurs to Fit Your Budget The 9-Bottle Bar
7/9/14 07:28 PM

I find that I just don't visit the site often, since they abandoned their original model of launching just a few, limited-time sales every day. Back then, I always wanted to see what was new, and I bought things pretty regularly.

Under Reports It Will Close, Fab Pushes Back Design News
6/25/14 01:27 PM

There are some beautiful mid tone greys in quartz (Caesarstone/Silestone). I'm especially fond of Caesarstone Pebble:

Suggestions for Grey Countertops for My Farmhouse Kitchen? Good Questions
6/19/14 06:47 PM

I was in a Sur la Table store one day, back when I was planning my first kitchen remodel. I picked up a piece of the Jean Dubost flatware they sell, and asked an employee if it was dishwasher-safe. When she said that it was, I replied "Great--I can get a dishwasher!" I already had 12 place settings and all the serving pieces, assembled over several trips to Paris, and if I'd still have to hand-wash it I saw no point in installing a dishwasher. The look on her face was priceless.

11 Things You Probably Shouldn't Put in the Dishwasher Cleaning Tips from The Kitchn
6/19/14 04:49 PM

I first encountered this drink at a bar in Venice, 7 years ago. The bartender was making a whole row of spritzes. Most were a magenta color (from the Campari) but a few were more orange-toned. I asked the bartender about the difference, and acquired a new favorite summer drink. Aperol was not easy to find in the U.S. then, but has since become ubiquitous.

Recipe: Aperol Spritz Cocktail Recipes from The Kitchn
6/19/14 04:40 PM

It's gorgeous. Congratulations, and thanks for the well-written and useful posts.

I have that same stove, and lived for ages with an 18" dishwasher (not to mention a tiny under-counter fridge). The stove is fantastic, especially the amazing power- and simmer-burners! But unless they've redesigned the oven interior in the last few years, it's very slightly too small to fit a standard American half-sheet pan. So I take a tape measure when I go looking for bakeware and roasting tins.

I used to curse my 18" dishwasher after big dinner parties, but I find myself guiltily washing half loads more often than not in the standard 24" dishwasher I have now.

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4/2/14 06:06 PM