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My GSD had his own digging space - every now and then (when he wasn't looking) I would kick the earth back into the hole and he could start afresh. Worked well, and no lost plants. As he got older he sought of outgrew the digging, except when we went to the beach!!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
6/25/14 12:26 AM

I am on the west coast of Australia and we are "allowed" 2 watering days per week .... this may be similar to Sth Australia where Laura is. If we plant a new lawn, our Water Board allows us extra water for the first month to get lawns established. The type of lawn Laura has laid is good for Australian conditions, once established is quite tough and 2 deep waterings per week is sufficient. As this reno was was done in February, the winter rains coming up will be helpful.
Fake grass has a bad rep here - it can get extremely hot underfoot in our extreme summers so not kid friendly and if you have pets (even if you are lucky enough to be able to water it down after they wee) it can still get a bit smelly.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: And Then There was Grass Renovation Diary
6/20/14 01:41 AM

All that cutting of bricks to make the curved path is some achievement. Looks fabulous. Congratulations.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: The Home Stretch Renovation Diary
6/13/14 02:28 AM

Wow - you have done so much tough work in one weekend. Congratulations. And it is good to step away a little and have a break. Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you that you don't find any more layers of bricks!!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Demolition Begins Renovation Diary
5/23/14 12:57 AM

She mentioned that she has electricians friends/family so sounds like the electrical part is covered.
I am on the west coast and our summers here are also brutal - we are 'allowed' 2 watering days per week.
Having installed new lawn and drought resistant plants about 18 months ago, it is still surviving well - just need to make sure you plant the 'right stuff'.
I do agree that water tanks should be a pre-requisite. We get almost no rain over the summer months so run-off from the roof is useless. But a storage tank for the winter rains would be very helpful. Combining that with using household water should be included in the budget..

The Budget for Laura's Backyard Renovation Renovation Diary
5/22/14 01:18 AM

About $1000 for medium/firm natural latex mattress about 8 years ago. Still going beautifully, but after developing a slight hip problem, decided I needed a bit of padding - got an Aussie made pure sheepswool topper with a 2-3 inch high loft and it is just wonderful. Warm in winter and cool in summer. Better decision than a memory foam topper - it would have cost me much the same anyway, and as I sleep a bit warm, I preferred the breathability of pure wool.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/20/14 11:51 PM

Bit tricky for the hanging (dining style) tables - if one bumped the table where do those dishes go, and what happens to glasses of wine??

Small Space Illusion: DIY Hanging Tables
5/19/14 12:49 PM

Agree - the Alex cabinets are very good quality.
Have had several Billy for many years, and many moves - they were put together well tho.
Love my Raskog - very sturdy, and fortunately I didn't have the paint problem one poster here encountered.
About the tea light candles - put them in the fridge before using - they last longer. Read this somewhere and it really works.

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5/15/14 01:39 PM

So funny - I also had a GSD that would help me dig out garden beds, etc. As soon as I started to dig a little he would join in and the job would be done in no time. He also had his 'personal digging patch' in one corner of the yard.
Looking forward to this project - nice to see an 'outdoor reno'.

Introducing Laura's Garden Renovation Renovation Diary
5/14/14 01:03 AM

Yes, this sounds like it would be the same thing. Another thing, when it is time to repot, I find this system less messy.

Don't Throw It Away! 3 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Pots and Planters
5/12/14 08:32 AM

Have never used broken pots/rocks as base filler for pots - I prefer to use a piece of insect wire to cover holes in base of pot, fill with good potting mix and never have a problem with mix coming out the bottom, or insects getting in. Raising the pot off the ground with 'little feet' gives perfect drainage. This also stops getting that dirty mark where a pot sits directly on the patio/concrete.

Don't Throw It Away! 3 Things You Can Do With Your Broken Pots and Planters
5/12/14 12:57 AM

Ideally rocks should be laid over a 'weed mat' - or some sort of weed blocker - (you can still get good drainage). For the odd weed that still manages to make its way through, a sprinkle of weed killer usually does the trick. Or, if concerned about pet safety, pouring boiling water over weeds works well.

DIY Faux Grass Stepping Stones Sugar & Cloth
5/10/14 02:34 AM

Another thought - for clothes that are still decent but no longer worn, I donate to a women's refuge. I always make sure they are clean and presentable - same goes for children's clothes which are often 'outgrown' rather than 'outworn'. Also, after a recent kitchen reno, I found many duplicate items - still good, and these also went to the women's refuge. Linen is also a wanted item - but worn towels go to the local animal shelter.

Spring Closet Cleanout: The 7 Questions You Need to Answer Right Now
4/30/14 01:57 AM

Well, I keep my house clean and reasonably tidy, but I saw a sign once which is rather cute - "If you've come to see me you are welcome anytime, if you are coming to see the house, make an appointment".

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4/29/14 02:29 AM

Lovely changes. If one reads the blog for this reno they will see it was done for a re-sale or letting so there are no 'staging' photos. It looks sleek and also very practical.
One cannot mess with asbestos - it needs to be removed by professionals and it is rather expensive to do so. If you are doing a reno you cannot just partially renovate, and keep some features like tiles. For safety purposes the whole area needs to be cleared.
In my 'modern' kitchen I also have a small draining area on one side of the sink - totally practical.

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/30/14 01:55 AM