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Micmic, it had wheels before. See them there hanging out on the bottom tray? :)

Before & After: A $10 Diamond in the Rough Bar Cart
6/10/14 07:47 PM

I've had pegboard for years and never had any trouble with paint scratching off, using regular latex wall paint. Also, instead of 1x3s you can buy these plastic spacers that go around your screws to keep the board about an inch off the wall. Worked great for me!

5 Easy, High-Impact Rental Decorating Ideas (That Can Move With You)
5/22/14 05:06 PM

Those floors! What a beautiful, light-filled space. I'm jealous.

Will & Rebekah's Traditional with a Twist in Paris House Tour
5/22/14 12:23 PM

The bit about the "dirt threshold" is 100% true. My husband is much neater than I am, and cleaning is the one thing we really argue about—he'll occasionally get mad at me seemingly out of nowhere, when for him, the irritation has been festering for days, but he hasn't said anything because he doesn't like to nag. I do try, but because our tolerances for mess are different, I think to him it looks like I'm not really doing anything to help. We're trying to work it out with better communication. I don't LIKE driving my husband nuts, but neither do I like policing everything I put down.

(Also, there is a difference between messy and dirty! I tend not to notice clutter or misplaced items, but I can't abide a gross kitchen or bathroom.)

Keeping a Peaceful Home: Tips for Living with a Messy (or Clean!) Person
4/8/14 03:29 PM

This is beautiful! I don't have kids or plan to, but I love the color scheme. That Target lamp might have to come home with me soon.

Kids Room Style Board: A Complete Hip, Graphic Nursery Under $500
3/28/14 01:39 PM

I hope it goes well! I LOVE Backcountry. Their prices are good and their customer service is seriously the best. A few weeks ago I bought a backpack from them at a pretty good price, only to find it as a daily deal on their sister site, Steep&Cheap, the next day for $50 less. I sent them a quick email asking politely if there was anything they could do for me, and they immediately refunded $50 to my debit card. Can't recommend them enough. House brand sounds intriguing!

Fab Co-Founder Joins Outdoorsy Site Backcountry Design News
3/28/14 01:36 PM