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This is one of the most awesome posts I've seen in a long time. These kitchens are all amazing. It's so nice to see people taking their spaces to the next level. They are all very sophisticated and chic.

And Now for Something Completely Different: 10 Standout Kitchens
7/23/14 02:55 PM

Confounded, those turquoise ceilings rock and your house is adorable.

10 Crazy Things to Do on the Ceiling
7/14/14 12:59 PM

Euro method for me. No top sheet and I wouldn't have a duvet that had to be dry cleaned anyway. I want everything on my bed to be washed once a week anyway so the top sheet is just excessive. People wash their underwear but wear their outer clothes over and over? Plus, I don't buy sheets that come in "sets" because better linen companies tend not to sell them this way anyway.

As far as place settings for 12 I agree and disagree. I never need 12 place settings however the excess makes breakage less of an issue. I say if you have the storage buy the 12. If you don't, like you live in a small apartment or something then you probably don't even need 8. Ultimately, just buy a few more than you need.

Knives, a few good ones will usually do the trick.

Don't Fall for It: 5 Things You Really DON'T Need At Home
7/11/14 12:36 PM

Very homey, real and inviting!

Andy & Andrew's Vintage Modern House Tour
6/9/14 01:04 PM

I was an interior designer in Nashville for many years. It was nothing to do a kitchen that cost as much as half the value of the house. Mainly because real estate was so cheap at the time. We were building out $125,000.00 kitchens in houses that were worth less than $300,000.00 all the time. That's what happens when real estate is less than $100.00 a square foot. It was nothing for people there to have far more invested in remodeling than what their actual home was worth in the first place.

Jennifer's Kitchen Renovation: What It Really Cost - A Budget Breakdown Renovation Diary
5/5/14 12:39 PM

Great ideas!

Design Dozen: 12 Clever Space-Saving Solutions for Small Bedrooms
4/18/14 01:21 PM

Whether it's high end or low end I love Wabi-sabi. I think that those who find this space depressing should read up on the subject and then maybe you would understand the Zen factor in this interior. Wabi-sabi finds beauty in objects that are worn, imperfect and organic. I think these two have created a Wabi-sabi interior of their very own. They've shown that whether we have thousands, hundreds or next to nothing to spend we can express our inner worlds upon our outer worlds. Bravo!

Isaac and Florence's Eclectic Zen-Inspired Apartment House Tour
4/6/14 01:01 PM

Nextdoor is a disaster in our area. It's become nothing more than a venue for the political extremiests to incessantly spew their rhetoric. Everyday, waking up to emails where these people have posted threads and comments that even violate Nextdoors policies. When complaints have been lodged Nextdoor does nothing. Even some of the neighbouhood "monitors" who police comments are members of these crazy groups so they protect the never ending threads. It hasn't turned out to be a nice little neighbourhood website where people post things they have for sale and announce the next school bake sale. It's downright awful.

How To Create a Community with Your Neighbors Comment of the Day
3/28/14 08:13 AM