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We just took a cross country road trip with our 4 year old in a 1985 VW Van. We kept it simple and stopped about every 3 hours or less just to stretch our legs. Download the app - it will tell you about places you would have never found on your own. Even little things like a McDonalds with a T-Rex in front.
Pack snacks and have fun!


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6/14/14 09:42 PM

I also decided not to apply after the 50% for the maker. I will stick with Etsy for now.


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6/10/14 09:40 AM

Joshua Tree is such a magical place. Congrats!

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6/10/14 09:32 AM

Love those cabinets!

WORK Lab's Vintage Eclectic Workspace Workspace Tour
5/13/14 05:44 PM

Thanks! I will try this out tomorrow.


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5/13/14 05:41 PM

So many great options but I love that west elm desk.


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5/13/14 11:39 AM

You can always check out my store on Etsy. I make affordable lighting and am always open to custom orders.


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5/13/14 10:29 AM

A couple years ago I made a dinosaur sandbox with a smaller version of under the bed storage. Quickly fill it with a bag of sand and small toys from the dollar store and it keeps kids busy for awhile. The lid makes sure it doesn't turn into a litter box also. I actually have to get another one set up since my son keeps asking to do a dinosaur dig.


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5/13/14 08:57 AM

Maybe contact Stuff on Valencia St. They may know more about it or get you in touch with someone that might. Beautiful chair by the way.


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5/13/14 08:53 AM

Michaels has crates that are pretty inexpensive and can be painted any color.

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3/27/14 08:42 AM