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Was gonna say the same thing.

Sori Yanagi Stainless Steel Bowls
7/24/14 10:19 AM

Thank god she chose the glam wallpaper!

Before & After: Jolie's From Bland to Glam Bathroom Makeover
5/17/14 04:43 PM

This is my fetish.

Dr. Kyle's Achromatic Industrial Loft House Tour
5/5/14 03:56 PM

Some people just don't want colors popping in their faces all the time. I like the look of this. It's clean and pretty.

DIY Project Idea: Create a Queen-Size Headboard for $45
4/3/14 01:27 PM

The tiles were cancer in so many ways, I'm glad they're gone. Not everything old is gold.

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/29/14 06:16 PM

What an amazing space... sorry, I think I need to lay down for a minute.

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/29/14 01:31 PM

White walls + neutral big-cost items + colorful and exchangable items (cheap artwork, throw pillows, accessories, ...) = flexibility

Renters Solutions: 7 Real Life Examples of White Walls that Work Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/28/14 03:36 PM

First comment incoming! How about the RAST nightstand

It's not a real rectangle, though. Maybe assembling them differently or sawing the "legs" off completely could solve that, but leaving them like that might look really nice as well.

Is There a Cheaper Alternative to Muuto Stacked Shelves? Good Questions
3/26/14 04:16 PM