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What a timely question, because I've been wondering the very same thing for my space above the TV.

First of all, I think you have the TV at the right height, so many people put it up higher on the wall or above a mantlepiece and while these look better visually, it's just not comfortable to be craning your neck to watch TV all the time. Which is why I get frustrated when looking for decorating around a TV advice and get the "put it on top of a mantlepiece, or above the fireplace" advice.

The advice from Casey Sundar might work - the curtains behind. Or an interesting tapestry behind - I think the challenge will be to create a space that doesn't look too busy... which is why I thin I would shy away from a gallery wall in that area, if you do a couple pieces of art - there should be some cohesion - either in the colours or frame...

I wonder - the two pieces of the bookshelf/tv stand that come up around the TV - could you remove those? I think it would help create less visual clutter in that area which might then provide a better blank slate for the curtains/tapestry.

I will anxiously await other comments - in hopes to find some advice for my place as well. :)

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7/2/14 04:01 PM

These look absolutely delicious, but I also second the above question.

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