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My fiancé and I had a similar issue when we moved into our house. We mounted our tv in the wall, but the open wall space looked awkward. We ended up painting a wide horizontal stripe in our accent color to break up the space. It looks great and we get loads of compliments!

How to Improve the Look of Enormous "TV Wall"?
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9/7/10 10:27 PM

Old "no smoking" signs And blue
Mason jars... My fiancé has an extensive "Hackers" movie collection.

What's the Weirdest Thing You Collect?
9/4/10 07:40 AM

The picture for the article was perfect! I've been collecting the blue Mason jars for a wedding project! I have been very happy to find box lots of about a dozen quarts for $5 - otherwise I am getting them individually for $.50-$1.

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6/29/10 06:50 AM