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I would never rent a place that didn't have good light - it's not just a matter of how big the windows are, it's the direction they face! I just moved out of an apt with huge north-facing windows that felt like a cave. This is in Seattle - it would be a different story if I lived in Arizona or something.

Other things I would rule out most/all apartments for lacking:

hardwood floors
at least some architectural detail
no-smoking policy
urban - can't be outside the city proper, sorry blegh
poor sound-proofing - either from ceiling/floor or walls

Another thing: I won't live on the first floor (see: urban) and I really love living on the TOP floor now. And we juts got a dog, so pet-friendly is a must in our apartment searches future.

As for places allowing painting and holes in the wall - just do it anyway!

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8/9/11 12:24 AM

I hate skirted couches. Then again, I also really dislike the standard legs that come with IKEA sofas. But you know you can change the legs, right? For $20, you can have sweet aluminum legs on your Karlstad.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ikea's New HOVAS Series - Thoughts?
8/10/09 01:36 PM

I think it's a great idea, and it looks good too. It's nice to have booze at hand without having to display it all the time.

BUT, storing opened bottles of alcohol sideways can lead to heartache. I tried to store mine horizontally in a wine bottle rack, but the tops of most alcohol bottles, even the nice brands, are too cheapy to make a good seal when the bottles are lying down, so they slowly leak. The more viscous, sweet things, like peach schnapps, were especially messy to clean up, too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Using An Old Card Catalog as A Bar
4/17/09 04:00 PM

We got one of those ceramic and acacia wood canisters to use as a salt cellar. It looked gorgeous until my boyfriend ran the lid though the dishwasher (wtf?) and the wood split. I would get it again, but the lid needs to be hand washed.

And I'm completely in love with the big Trollsta credenza. Call me crazy, but I want the yellow.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | IKEA 2009 Catalog: 10 Best New Items
12/29/08 08:09 PM

I'm surprised nobody here makes their own! It is incredibly cheap, and it works! We use the recipe here.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergents?
10/14/08 02:04 AM

Canvases are really cheap at my university's book store--maybe you could try looking at a place that sells canvases to students?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Prettybirdpress's Headboard
7/28/08 03:26 PM

Ok, so in this picture alone I count 21 handles/drawer pulls, and you say you have more! What's your budget?!?

In a situation like this, I would mix high with low. Maybe some gorgeous Anthropologie pulls, but only on the top 3 drawers, and then basic metal pulls on the lower 4 banks of drawers. I think you could do this bank of cabinets for $150 if you went that route

When I was in the market for glass knobs, I found ebay to be the best place to look. You should be able to find vintage-looking glass knobs for about $1.50 each. IKEA and the other big-boxes are good places to look for the cheapies, too.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Affordable Hardware Resources?
7/28/08 02:26 PM

I think it would look amazing in high gloss white. (Not to toot my own horn, but) I painted a similarly ornate mirror high gloss yellow (I just used spray paint) last year and it looks awesome. You should go for it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: What Can I Do With This Old Gilded Mirror?
6/5/08 10:11 AM

I agree that your closet will never be properly organized if you use wire hangers from the drycleaners and those plastic hangers from the department store. But holy crap those are expensive!

You can't go wrong with some Ikea BUMERANG. They're pretty sturdy and incredibly cheap to replace if one breaks (which they occasionally do). Also, for some reason, Ross has a lot of good pants/skirt/tie/specialty hangers.

But seriously. $10 per hanger? Maybe you're just making excuses for why your closets will never be organized.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Orgo Hanger by Norman Copenhagen
5/24/08 10:52 AM

Crate and Barrel packs breakables with a ton of this stuff--it's pretty cool, but it is also really rough to the touch. Looks great as wrapping paper, though. You could put different colors of tissue behind it and it would peek through. Maybe I'll save some of the (mountains of) packaging CB2 just sent me.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Recycled Giftwrap from Preston Bailey
12/11/07 11:24 AM

We would love to listen to the Nutcracker on our brand new white Geneva!

Apartment Therapy - AT Gift Bag 2007: Geneva Sound System
11/30/07 09:45 AM

I have the first print (The Collection from Cricket Press), and I LOVE it. It's the centerpiece of my livingroom.

Apartment Therapy - Etsy Scavenger
11/8/07 07:59 PM

Love the new bottle, and I've never had it slip out of my hand...and I'm a chick with smallish girly hands, too.

Apartment Therapy - Good Product, Bad Packaging: Method Dish Soap
11/8/07 07:55 PM

Aha! I just logged on to say the same thing! The house is very hip otherwise.

Apartment Therapy - Modern Gingerbread House at Red EnvelopeSlinks n. (slingks) Surreptitious web links to other good sites
11/2/07 12:16 PM

I've been reading your blog Nicole, and you're really inspiring me! My two favorite elements: 1). Your judicious use of IKEA, because we all love the prices, but we don't want the house to look like a dorm, and 2) The splashes of pink and orange make your home seem so colorful, but it's still neutral enough to be restful. You've done an amazing job!

Apartment Therapy - House Tour: Nicole and Brandon's Oak Park Bungalow
9/14/07 09:01 AM

I noticed that some creative Goodwill employee had organized the sheets and bedding (where I continuously troll for pretty sheets to cut up) by color as well.

I'm considering doing this in my closet, but I don't hang up a whole lot of things--mostly dresses and outerwear.

Apartment Therapy - Look!: Arranging Clothing by Color
9/12/07 10:41 AM

I loved Sweet Valley High! It's almost a shame that I would most certainly *not* enjoy reading them again, because I spent many a pre-teen afternoon reading them, and theyw ere great!

Apartment Therapy - Oh No She Didn't! Sweet Valley
9/10/07 03:52 PM

We use Method all-purpose cleaner (because it's cheap at Target), but we get the Naked scent, so it doesn't smell like anything. Boyfriend wanted to get grapefruit, but I knew that we would be moving = lots of cleaning, and I didn't want the whole house to smell fake fruity. We're planning to get an Omop for the wood floors.

We also enjoy Seventh Generation, which I believe you can get at Target. I hate the Mrs. Meyer's countertop cleaner, though--it smells overpowering.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Good Eco-Friendly Cleaners?
9/10/07 09:54 AM

1) Hi, my name is Sarah
2) I would like Chandelier in white, Iron Vines in tomato, and Fly in the gray midnite combo
3) My boyfriend and I moved into an *amazing* apartment last weekend. The entire place has been renovated--there are gorgeous hardwood floors in the living room, granite countertops in the kitchen, and beautiful wide moldings around every door. It's a real charmer. So why should you give be the prize, since my apartment is already so cool? Well, the one thing the owners skimped on was the walls. They are lumpy and bumpy, with tons of irregularities and, of course, they're a strange shade of taupe that we're not allowed to paint over. We've already begun accumulating artwork, but some blik decals would be just the thing to turn our amazing blank canvas of an apartment into a hip, modern, space that we can live in for years to come.

Here's what I'm thinking:
A white chandelier decal in the bathroom, on the blank wall next to the toilet. I just think it would really "pop" against the taupe wall. You can see the space here.

Our bedroom colors are orange and red. The iron vines decals would totally complement the design on this bedspread.

Finally, our living room colors are gray and yellow, so a flock of gray birds would look awesome soaring above our new charcoal-gray couch<a>.

You can see more pics of our very in-progress apartment in my
flickr set. Thanks for looking!

Apartment Therapy - blik This Wall Giveaway Contest!
9/6/07 07:53 PM