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Agreed... deck funiture is horribly overpriced. I bought mine at Lowes. A square black metal table and 4 black metal chairs. The table was less that $100 and the chairs were 39 each. Very basic but I have 4 different umbrellas for the table and over 20 different pillows for the chairs (in waterproof fabrics)... so the looks are endless.
Buy inexpensive basics and mix it up with fabrics. It's the best option for anyone on a budget.

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5/16/14 10:42 AM

I recently relocated to a new townhouse and wanted to create an airy, less cluttered look. My problem was that I tend to collect "high end" clutter. Everything looked great, but seriously, a person could hardly walk in my house! Soooo.... I rented a booth at my favorite local consignment shop for two months and turned it into my very own 60-day tag sale. In addition to 12 or 13 pieces of furniture, I also sold off inherited china, framed prints, lamps, deck furniture, decorative mirrors, and a couple of car loads of dust-collecting "collectibles." It was LIBERATING! and I pocketed about 2500 dollars in cash.
So yes... declutter! But if at all possible, make some extra money in the process!

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3/29/14 02:04 PM

jmcfadden: best idea yet!

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3/27/14 08:54 AM

Yes to the wooden box idea (the only obvious solution) but if possible, extend the box upward, creating a narrow linen closet. The bidet would be encased in a lower box (unseen) and now you have extra storage above it. The key is to have someone who knows what he's doing to build the cabinet so that it fits and looks professional.

How To Hide an Unusable Bidet? Good Questions
3/27/14 07:42 AM

Ok, so I just looked at the pics again.... and have another idea.
Move the sofa to the main wall (where that little painting is hanging, and center.
then float the chairs in front of the sofa. Doing so, will set off the room better and make it more inviting. Place a tree or large fern in front of the window. If you paint the walls a dark collar, use an ivory drape (linen) with a colorful piping for punch.
Centering the couch (assuming dimensions allow for it) will give you the chance to add end tables and some really unique lamps. For a coffee table, try a small but tall tea table or an old truck with a brass tray on top.

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 10:29 AM

Well, not a fan of the set, but it was free (!) so of course you will want to keep it.
First... paint the walls a darker and very rich color pulled directly from the fabric. This will add "jewel-box" drama and richness. Lighter colors will only serve to make it look like a dollhouse.
Second, I think that all three pieces in the same fabric is uninspiring and "too much of a good thing.".... if you can't afford to re-do the couch, then definitely slipcover it with a stripe or solid and then cover it with a variety of sumptuous pillows and throws.
You actually do need a coffee table... but go with something smaller and more modern to play down the inherited quality of the furniture.
That main wall (with the little painting on it) needs a massive pop of something eye-catching! Try a collection of mirrors of a mix of mirrors, found objects, plates etc.
And finally... plants will liven the space and make it more welcoming.

Design Ideas for Bare Bones Living Room? Good Questions
3/25/14 10:04 AM

Something no one else has mentioned... you should offer less than 300 dollars. When I buy on CraigsList, I always assume that the asking price is just a "starting point" for negotiations. Sit on the sofa, look underneath to check its condition, and then offer 200.
As Gillianne said, you can always drape it with throws and pillows. Brown and pink are great together, so consider toning it down with a brown shawl across the back and some pillows made from vintage fabrics that work with the rest of the room.

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3/25/14 08:15 AM