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Krombacher is a big beer company here in Germany, but I have never seen it outside of Germany (well okay, maybe in Switzerland & Austria). I guess "Becks" is much more popular. You even have it on your first picture.
As for me, I prefer "F├╝rstenberg Radler" - which is a mix of Beer and Lemonade.
Its sweeter and most woman prefer it to normal beer. Also, "F├╝rstenberg" is a very small local brewery but the beer is really good.

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7/10/14 02:10 PM

for me: sharp knifes and a ceramic pan.

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6/28/14 08:53 AM

thank you for sharing your thoughts - this was beautiful.
I can totally understand how you feel. My parents renovated the house after the kids moved out and my mom got a brand new kitchen. Even through the new kitchen is much more beautiful than the old one, I almost cried when I saw it. It just didn't feel like home anymore.

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5/15/14 08:43 AM

I never thought of mixing brokkoli and feta, but it sounds really delicous.
I have to try this very soon!

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3/24/14 04:45 PM

It does look nice, yes. But I don't have open shelves in my kitchen, so I'm fine with tupper ware, cheaper IKEA boxes and the original boxes from the shop.

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3/24/14 03:24 PM

To be honest we don't have unexpected company very often, but our apartment looks the same with or without. I spend a lot of time with cleaning and decorating because I love to have a nice and cozy home. I have a child, so its not always hyper clean but I make sure its all back in place before we go to bed. Thats important to me. I don't want to start my day with dirty dishes on the table or stuff on the floor.

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3/24/14 03:12 PM